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  1. Question regarding options for RWD Taycan

    I would highly recommend calling around local dealers to ask if they have a car on the lot with the interior color that you’re interested in. If they do, you should view it and judge for yourself. It’s very difficult to gauge colors (especially off white) on a screen. You have to ask yourself...
  2. Pano roof in hot climate Y or N

    I haven't been through a hot summer with it yet but, if it's anything like Tesla (which I think it is), it's going to be totally fine. I sat in Taycans with and without the pano roof. I really liked how the pano roof made the interior feel more open and how it brings in natural sunlight—a perk...
  3. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    I'm not a fan of the gesture either. I think the best part is that it automatically closes. Even though I know it's just a simple timer, it feels futuristic—like the car is intelligently closing the port when you've completed charging.
  4. Best spots for photo shoot in Bay Area

    💯 I can’t wait to take my Taycan on Laguna Seca.
  5. Best spots for photo shoot in Bay Area

    Picking up the Taycan in a few weeks and I plan to go for a scenic drive from San Francisco to Monterey. What are some good spots to park and take photos? Also, San Francisco is known for its beautiful murals. What are good ones to park in front of and take photos?
  6. Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    Consider that when you own a Porsche, you'll actually want to drive it ;) Tesla and Porsche have polar opposite approaches to designing and building cars. Tesla's goal is to disconnect the driver from the car as much as possible. Porsche's goal is to connect the driver to the car as much as...
  7. Android Auto for Porsche Taycan?

    Porsche confirms it in the article Not confirmed for Taycan.
  8. My Matte Black Taycan 4S with Xpel Stealth

    This looks incredible 🤩 They did a great job.
  9. Rock Chips on Mission E Wheels Paint

    This is an inane response. Maybe you’re okay with stone chips; not everyone is. @Sietek I would recommend picking up touch up paint directly from Porsche. It’s pricier but it will be the closest match. After touching up, I would consider paint protection film for the outer accent.
  10. Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    I declined both options but, if I was to choose between the two, it would be Rear Axle Steering.
  11. Apple vs Android

    You're not an outlier. I don't have the source on-hand but there was a recent study that showed over half of car buyers consider Apple CarPlay or Android Auto a must-have when shopping for a new car.
  12. Apple vs Android

    This. There's an even an app for that:
  13. Taycan RWD base build spec + options help UK

    This is subjective. Unless you drive in an area that gets a lot of rain and snow, there are also disadvantages to AWD. Many people (including some Lead Engineers at Porsche) prefer the lightest model with minimal specs. Personally speaking, handling and driving dynamics is more important than...
  14. Apple vs Android

    Android does not work at all with PCM. You can connect your phone with Bluetooth, but you won't get native integration (i.e. Android Auto). iPhone works better with PCM because you get wireless CarPlay. It's worth noting that you don't need an iPhone to use built-in Apple Music in PCM. You can...
  15. RWD Taycan

    You're correct, that car had air suspension. AFAIK all reviewer cars (up to this point) have air suspension.
  16. Drove RWD basic spec - no air suspension or battery+

    I made the same gamble 🍻 Even with steel springs, we still get PASM so I expect the ride will still be smooth. It won't be as "cloud-like" as one with air suspension, but I'm hoping it will still have a great feel. FWIW, our BMW X5 has air suspension and I test drove the same model with steel...
  17. Burmester: minus volume

    Only dogs can hear at that volume.
  18. Taycan RWD vs 4S Video

    For starters, it's really disappointing to see this titled "RWD vs 4S" with a drag race in the thumbnail, but no drag race in the actual video. The reviewer automatically loses credibility for that clickbait. Second, nearly every other reviewer has said there is noticeable difference with the...
  19. Taycan RWD Spec Help

    My point is that making electric folding mirrors standard on any model will increase its base price. IMO it's better that Porsche makes these optional versus making it standard and increasing the base price for everyone—even for people that don't want it.
  20. Taycan RWD Spec Help

    The fact is, $79,900 (USD) is an excellent base price for an all-electric Porsche. If electric folding mirrors were standard, the cost would just be baked into the base price; putting it over $80,000. Nothing is free.