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  1. RCorsa

    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    IMO This is the truest representation of the color. I agree indoor lighting can change it a lot. This photo Is clear light without direct sun using an unfiltered camera lens
  2. RCorsa

    Anyone Traded a 4s for a turbo/turbo S??

    I bought a 2021 4S in late December and I absolutely love the spec of the car (I bought a dealer spec not my own). I traded my Tesla model 3 performance for it. Subsequently my 992 turbo S finally cleared CARB and customs and I got it the first week of February at PEC LA. I have to say I’m not...
  3. RCorsa

    CarPlay after iOS update

    After my Taycan 2021 update my wireless CarPlay doesn’t connect as well either.
  4. RCorsa

    Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    I’m on my 4 month with my 2021 4S which is my daily. It’s a GREAT car and I have around 2000mea on it. I only have 175 miles on my 992 Turbo S cab if that tells you which car I love the most. Haven’t had a single issue with the car. Took it in today for the 5 hour software update. Don’t...
  5. RCorsa

    Taycan 4S vs Model 3 Performance - German

    I currently have both a 2018 model 3 performance and a 2021 Taycan 4s. The model 3 maybe a little quicker 0-30 but the Taycan feels and drives 10x better. I’m keeping the model 3 to give to my daughter hoping the full self driving will be functional in 2 years but honestly the Porsche is a...
  6. RCorsa

    My 4s (Neptune Blue) delivery at PEC Atlanta

    I have limestone/black and it looks awesome!
  7. RCorsa

    My 4s (Neptune Blue) delivery at PEC Atlanta

    Beautiful and congrats. You have great taste in colors. I get so many compliments on Neptune. It really is striking. I also did PEC in LA last month (on my 992) and I agree it’s such an amazing experience. Highly recommended.
  8. RCorsa

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    Some comparison to chalk. Side by side 2021 turbo s cars in the sunshine. Photos make chalk seem a little lighter than it is in reality and the photos give ice grey are a bit more blueish hue than I picked up with my eyes
  9. RCorsa

    2020 4S Lease offer

    I got 7% off on a really nice spec 4s (2021 MY) in December of 2020. I was offered 10% on a 2020 from multiple dealers but figured the extra 3% was worth a 2021 since one year old cars depreciate around 20%once driven off the lot.
  10. RCorsa

    How would you spec differently next time?

    I love the painted side skirts and folding mirrors painted in body color. Also depending on car color you may want the gloss black window trim option as well as the electric charging port. Heads up display is great. I love it. I’d probably upgrade to an turbo from the 4s for even more...
  11. RCorsa

    Taycan v 911 Turbo S

    Yah I traded my 991.2 for the 992 and it’s on a whole other level. Regardless, the Taycan is an amazing car and I feel lucky to have both.
  12. RCorsa

    Taycan v 911 Turbo S

    I’m sure not a ton of folks are cross shopping but maybe a few. Here is a little review I posed on Renlist on my experience over the last 2 months. You’ll see what won out. Review: In the last 8 weeks I’ve purchased a 2021 Taycan 4S and a 992 turbo S Cabriolet. Now that I have a few miles on...
  13. RCorsa

    Ordering a new Taycan from out of state?

    Yes PEC LA is the way to go. I bought my 2021 Taycan in New Jersey in December and they shipped to WA state for free. I bought a 992 turbo S in Phili and they wouldnot ship the car for free but instead included the PEC (which is $1000 for the 911 turbo S). I did it last week and it was...
  14. RCorsa

    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    It is a little odd. The PCM in my 2021 Taycan is not as user friendly as the 2021 992 Turbo S I got yesterday. wireless car play and the whole connect experinece was vastly superior in the 911 which I assumed would be the same. That said the 911 doesnt have the wireless charger so a lot of...
  15. RCorsa

    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    Oh they are REAL sports cars. The 992 is on a different level. I just did a track day at the PEC with a Turbo S 992. It’s more of a track car than my prior 458 and 488. Launch control is 2.2 seconds and the track ability is unreal. We did 2 hours of tracking on all different surfaces...
  16. RCorsa

    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    Totally different machines. I just bought a Taycan 3 weeks ago and it’s been amazing. I ordered a new 911 turbo s which was delayed in the us from epa clearance. I started thinking “maybe I don’t need the 911 now.” However yesterday I took delivery of the 911 and glad to be keeping both.
  17. RCorsa

    Dealer says no wireless CarPlay for 2021 Taycan?

    I have a USA 2021 and mine works great. In order to get it working you have to first pair your phone to the cars Bluetooth AND WiFi. The WiFi is the key. Then go into “devices” on the PCM and you should see your phone. Then press the car play icon (the third one over). At some point during...
  18. RCorsa

    Early morning warmup

    Gotcha. Thanks for the replies. I’ve never hit the power button in the car as when I get in it always just starts when I put in drive. Thankfully my garage is usable today as the floors have cured so it probably won’t be an issue.
  19. RCorsa

    Early morning warmup

    I could probably dig into the forums on this but a quick search didn’t find much. My 3 week old 2021 Taycan had now had two early mornings when the car went through a 5 min timet with a little snowflake in the right dash where I could not drive the car. The dash simply showed the “Taycan”...