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    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Dealership, it’s mentioned in the article
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    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩 Free software update for the first Porsche Taycan models 03/23/2021 Porsche extensively updated its all-electric Taycan last September for the new model year. Now, Taycan customers...
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    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    Did the move from a 991.2 Carrera T to the Taycan 4S, no regrets, totally different but both very rewarding experiences. Main reason for the move for me was tax considerations and EV curiosity. You’ll miss the sound, but will get addicted to the acceleration.
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    New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    See also
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    RWD Taycan - announced for 20th of January in EU?

    Got this mail from my local Belgian dealer today. It’s in Dutch, but basically announcing the Taycan RWD launch on the 20th of January... not sure if they jumped the gun on the communication....
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    Porsche Electric Sport Sound

    Anyone experience with a retro-fit?
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    App issues return

    Had the 12v battery issue today, now the Porsche Server isn’t able to connect to my car... Guess these things are related...
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    infamous 12v issue

    just noticed that there is a great write-up on how to recover from this issue:….2529/
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    infamous 12v issue

    Porsche Assistent was very responsive, took them 20 minutes to get here. Just in time for me to found out how to open the car... using this doc: They kickstarted the 12v battery, and told me to take the...
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    infamous 12v issue

    Car alarm started sounding and annoying my neighbours. Did that for a few minutes, then died completely Used a charging profile, car should have started charging later tonight on night rate.
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    infamous 12v issue

    My 4s’ alarm started; car completely dead; no way to unlock it with the key fob Drove it 3 hours ago, 25% left, plugged it in to charge Called Porsche Assistance... I’m afraid it’s the infamous 12v issue
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    Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Taycan 4 S Dolomite silver Turbo wheels Performance Battery Chrono Pack Black window trim Belgium 11 September 2020
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    Power Steering Plus

    had it on my 911, and took it in my Taycan as well. It gives you a lighter steering feeling at low speeds & parking, and a stiffer feeling at speed... not a game-changer, but nice for parking
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    Mobile Charger @ Home

    I’m on a single phase, need to check the lead
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    Mobile Charger @ Home

    Hi, Looking for some advice... Got a 20 amp fuse and my Home Charger seems to limit itself to 10 amp. Found this in the online manual: Charging Current Limiting The control unit detects the voltage and the available current automatically. The power to be used for charging can be set using...
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    The big day is tomorrow!

    Bedankt! Nice to have a dutch speaker member
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    The big day is tomorrow!

    I’ll take some pictures of the blue one and post them
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    The big day is tomorrow!

    Delivery of my 4S is planned for tomorrow morning. Got my Car Connect and Porsche Charging app up and running, bought me an usbc to lightning cable, have my carport fitted with a socket... I’m ready! Dealer whatsapp’ed me some pictures of the car waiting for me in the showroom. Really happy...
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    Members Say Hello Here!

    Hi all being a Porsche driver and enthusiast for the last 15 years (993 targa, cayman, 2x boxster, 991 carrera t), I will soon say goodbye to burning ⛽️ Ordered my 4S in December, finalized my options this week. Production confirmation for August, delivery September. My build...