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  1. BuckStrom

    Frunk opening gesture

    I also couldn't figure out how to open the frunk with a hand gesture. Then I watched the video and returned to the car. By dragging your fingers horizontally as you slide them across the front emblem and....voila, frunk pops open. Then you still have to manually release the inside clamp.
  2. BuckStrom

    Production Mercedes EQS with little camo

    I have both an S-Class 550e hybrid and a recently purchased Taycan 4S. It is apples and Oranges. The S-Class is a world class Limousine and 5 passengers can ride in luxury and comfort. But fun to drive? Not at all....I feel like a chauffeur driving with a bowl of goldfish on the seat. The...
  3. BuckStrom

    Sirius XM 360 not working?

    I used the Joker key fix several weeks ago and have not lost satellite signal again. Fingers crossed. Buck
  4. BuckStrom

    Cargo Net for Trunk

    Here is picture for Crick. Thanks for asking
  5. BuckStrom

    Cargo Net for Trunk

    I read a previous thread regarding a cargo net for Taycan 4S. I took a gamble and ordered a Panamera net internet retailer. It fits perfectly. Buck
  6. BuckStrom

    Porsche Mobile Charger Plus

    On my 2021 4S, the Charger connect was listed as a $1120.00 option plus $470.00 for a Porsche charging dock. A 25 foot charging cable was listed at $0.00. I asked the dealer if I could delete the charger and dock and they said "no, it come with the car. I had a previous version of the Porsche...
  7. BuckStrom

    Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    Here is a link to a you-tube with a Range Test on a 4S giving a little under 280 miles from 100% to 0% charge at highway speeds. In any event it is much better than the EPA value. This is probably more realistic than the Edwards test
  8. BuckStrom

    Automatic Mirror Folding with Door Lock?

    I am embarrassed to say that my car does not seem to have power folding wndows! <red as a beet> That is why the setting menu does not have this option! Thanks for trying! Buck
  9. BuckStrom

    Automatic Mirror Folding with Door Lock?

    I have just taken possession of my 2021 Taycan 4S. I have finally got everything set up to my liking but I can't figure out how to set up the mirrors to autofold when the car is locked and to unfold when the car is started. Does anyone know if this is a programmable feature on the Yaycan? Buck
  10. BuckStrom

    PCM reset while driving

    This is the screen you get when the PCM has done a factory reset. This is setting up the car for the first time. If you go to the settings menu there is an option to perform a factory reset and I don't know if the option was triggered accidently. You will have to re-register your Taycan using...
  11. BuckStrom

    Members Say Hello Here!

    Snappy. I am wondering whether you bought your Taycan at Porsche Irvine. I saw a frozen blue Taycan in the showroom and before I could pull the trigger, it was sold. They were able to find another for me, and I am 5 days into my love affair. Buck
  12. BuckStrom

    Sirius XM 360 not working?

    Thanks so much! Worked like a charm? My dealer told me I would need a new PCM unit!