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  1. faroutinNM

    Wheel Trim protectors

    I'm considering using them as "training wheels" (like for a child learning to ride a bike) on my silver mission e's, at least until I feel confident in my judgement of the outer envelope, and using the surround view. BTW, that assist feature, thus far, seems to be excellent in every aspect...
  2. faroutinNM

    BMW i4

    Upvoted for the Robocop reference, and I agree about the sinfully ugly design.
  3. faroutinNM

    Production delay

    Such a distinguished name on your ship! Mine was the humble Goodwood, and she stopped and unloaded at Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Houston before she finally unloaded mine, to be carried overland across gigantic Texas for a few days to reach Albuquerque. Glad that yours is on the way to you. Is...
  4. faroutinNM

    Building EVs is hard, part 86

    Wow, who ever heard of a weird problem like that on an EV?
  5. faroutinNM

    Audio upgrade for base sound system

    Ah! Now I see it in the configurator for a 4S model, the three levels just as you described. I had never looked at a 4S model until now. Anyway, I guess the bad reviews referred to that Standard 150 Watt system. From the comments I've read on this forum, the Bose seems to satisfy all but the...
  6. faroutinNM

    Sirius XM 360 not working?

    My pleasure. It will be so cool when I can try some of these things on my own Taycan Turbo, due sometime in the next few days. 😺
  7. faroutinNM

    Sirius XM 360 not working?

    Per the manual, that would be: push and hold the diamond key.
  8. faroutinNM

    Audio upgrade for base sound system

    I've seen evidence that for non-US market, the Bose system is the first step UP from the "base" system. Here in the US, Bose is the lowest level. Thus, Bose is standard here, so some of us in the US might think of this Bose system as the "base", (i.e., "base"= "Bose", haha, but not true in...
  9. faroutinNM

    Fully Spec'd 4S or Base Turbo?

    I had a similar experience here with Albuquerque vs North Scottsdale, AZ. My in-town dealership, Albuquerque came through shortly with my "Feb/March" Turbo slot (Stuttgart dates, without trans-Atlantic shipping time needed, of course), and I'll be picking it up here next week. I would have been...
  10. faroutinNM

    Fully Spec'd 4S or Base Turbo?

    I'd go with the spec'ed-up 4S + rather than a zero-option Turbo. But, for me, it was the same dilemma, except between a fully-loaded Turbo vs a base Turbo S. I wanted the full motor sizes of the Turbo and up, but really don't need max launch power (which to me is the main difference in the...
  11. faroutinNM

    Color Choice (Frozen Blue or Frozen Berry)

    I went with the blue on my Turbo, which is due for delivery by this weekend. So, I've only seen the color sample chip like the one in your picture. Here in the sunny high desert, the color looks like aan opalescent silvery blue, and I just know I will love it on my Turbo forever. I know most...
  12. faroutinNM

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    You can easily track the ship's progress here:
  13. faroutinNM

    Car Touchscreen Protector for Taycan - review

    I'm going to get it done next week on my to-be-delivered Turbo (due on Saturday), along with full exterior. I think the Xpel interior PPF kit will also include pieces for all of the glossy parts on the Taycan dash and doors. You can view it on the Xpel website. So, I'll keep you posted on mine.
  14. faroutinNM

    Rear spoiler will not reposition itself

    It's weathervane AND a spoiler.
  15. faroutinNM

    Taycan delivery tracking

    :p😺 Yes, you should see it on the Home page as an option. I never found a dedicated app for it.
  16. faroutinNM

    Glass roof colour

    Think "high-dollar Zeiss Icon fixed-focus lens coating". It's all about optical physics and engineered solutions. In the waves and fields class for electrical engineering, we learned about the effects of transmission through and reflection from interfaces of media of differing reactance...
  17. faroutinNM

    Taycan Color Threads

    Yes, I vote for some "Interiors" threads! I just started a "Racetex Interiors" thread under the "Showroom - Pics, Videos, Journals" category.
  18. faroutinNM

    RACETEX Interiors

    I am within days of collecting my Taycan Turbo with a Racetex interior (Black over Slate Grey). Cosen because I wanted animal-free. But, this will be the first time seeing/feeling it IRL, because, alas, it's non-existent at my dealership showroom, no cars with it on the floor or samples of it...
  19. faroutinNM

    Taycan delivery tracking

    I had the same problem. Fixed it with multiple calls to 800-PORSCHE asking them to activate the email to me. Then kept checking the myporsche com page, and it magically appeared there, even before the email showed up. I think you can do this at any time after "V200 Delivery date determined"...
  20. faroutinNM

    Base interior vs all leather

    Fair enough, different strokes for different folks. I won't judge.