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  1. Some first impressions

    Here is the spec! £105k!
  2. RWD Taycan

    As someone who just had the RWD on air springs as a loaner for two days I would say it’s a must have! The car drove amazing, was as cushy as my Cayenne
  3. Some first impressions

    Found out the spec today, and it’s MASSIVE! It’s has air suspension, which like I said, I am so impressed with. What I was surprised is that it didn’t have rear wheel steering, cause it didn’t feel as huge as people have described, but then again, this might be due to the fact I have a Cayenne...
  4. Some first impressions

    Took my Cayenne into the dealer today to get something looked at. Got a RWD Taycan as a loaner for the day(they knew I have a CT on order) first colour, it’s ice grey, which was the colour I specced originally, it’s a lovely colour, just not for me! It looks way too white in my opinion, so glad...
  5. Nick Murray Taycan Base review

  6. Nick Murray Taycan Base review

    I personally can not stand him, he’s painful to watch... still watched it though! 😂😂 hahaha any Taycan video is worth enduring pain ;)
  7. Which UK dealership are you using?

    West London, I’ve been taking my Cayenne there for service and the staff I’ve been extremely good.
  8. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    My understanding of this is, you can order the arches)just like you would be able to order any part needed for the car) then you can have them resprayed to colour match the exterior at the dealership(again, like you would as if, let’s say you needed to replace a door or panel) I’m gonna assume...
  9. Final spec!!

    i think insurances will try and find anyway not to pay, but besides that, if something actually happens, they will only pay out the value insured and that might leave an outstanding finance balance, in that case the gap also will only cover up to the value you stated the car is worth.... but...
  10. Final spec!!

    thanks for confirming that! It did seem a bit.... yeah.
  11. Final spec!!

    wait, thats possible?!?
  12. Final spec!!

    not refuse, but they wanted 6-7k a year!!! And some refused(I had a write off last year and it took away my NCD) Trust me I don’t understand.....
  13. Final spec!!

    Some of you may have read my post regarding my insurance issues! This was a total bummer!! That being said I talked to my current insurer(Aviva) and if I kept my spec under £100k they would insure me, And for only £70 a year more then what I currently pay for my current Cayenne S. My previous...
  14. Advice on spec for a first-time buyer

    Huge congrats!! But I do have to ask as I’m now sorting out insurance which is turning out to be pretty crazy.... how expensive is a Taycan turbo for a new driver?!! in any case I’m sure you’re stoked!
  15. Compromise....

    I have all those, plus ACC as I have it now and love it. The wheels are a huge compromise for me as I absolutely love the new cross Turismo wheels. Also going Bose, as I’m coming from a Burmeister system..
  16. Compromise....

    very true, but I’ve compromised once when I went from my M5 to my current Cayenne S, and I do miss the speed not gonna lie(even though I rarely used it, when I did, it would make a ok day, amazing! Hahaha. But I also miss the tech, my M5 was fully loaded and I also miss that! No helpful ...
  17. Compromise....

    As I stated in a previous post, I might have to compromise on spec due to insurance (need to bring price under 100k) would you compromise on spec?(wheels, insulated glass, full leather) or would you get a CT4 instead of a CT4S and get all the goodies you want?!?
  18. Choice between two wheels

    Might have to change my spec to lower Price in order to get a decent insurance price. Between the turbo aero and off-road wheels, what would be your choice, I’m leaning towards the off-road, but the turbo aero is a classic. stupid insurance!
  19. UK Taycan Insurance

    Yep..... losing hope. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, but I’m not going to hold my breath . Even A Plan insurance couldn’t come up with a decent quote .
  20. UK Taycan Insurance

    I don’t even want to tell you what they quoted me....