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  1. 2nd gear

    I haven't notice a noise in that speed range either but then again it would be hard for me to hear it as I typically have the sport sound engaged. I will also check next time I drive without the SS. If this was an ICE vehicle, I'd suggest checking the tranny fluid. Just came across this...
  2. 2nd gear

    Nice! Unlike Kort, I feel a shift in gear along with a change in the pitch of the growl of the sport sound which is cool, but I haven't had any updates done to the vehicle yet. The change in tone of the sport sound feels somewhat cheesy but I like it anyways.
  3. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    I'm curious, how is that package working for you? I thought about getting that too but wasn't sure if I'd get a good bang for the buck. I was more interested in the thermal glass option, but I guess, by over-thinking things decided against it.
  4. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    I hear ya. I went back and forth many times trying to decided whether I wanted to get the nice-looking, yellow or black PCCB and wheel combo but finally the "devil on my shoulder" lost that battle.
  5. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    Always amazed at the things that turns us, the unique and unusual human creatures inhabiting Earth, on and off. I love the sport sound and the powered charge port but more so the sport sound. I had sport sound hesitancy while I was configuring the vehicle in the initial stages of the order...
  6. Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    Thanks for weighing in. Kinda reaction I expected from you all and I agree with most if not all posts here. After reading that article, I realized it lacked important context to justify their range numbers. I wanted you guys to poke holes in it. Anyway, I agree that faulty math and lack of...
  7. Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    Thought I share this Edmunds' graphic...
  8. What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    In a nutshell, and without going into details (apologies), Taycan is more efficient than the Model S I had. Also, the Taycan is more efficient at regenerating energy from coasting and braking.
  9. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    Yep, same here... I'm the long term relationship type with cars. Every car I've owned, it has been pretty much for the "usable" life of the vehicle. Unfortunately, I had to let go of the Model S because the battery warranty was about to expire. The transaction was a bitter/sweet victory, I...
  10. Park Assist Not Available error message

    As stated by many of you, the Park Assist error and the blurry vehicle image while driving in reverse went away after turning on/off the vehicle. Actually, I forgot about this issue and noticed that the PCM image was back to normal and the error gone after several days of use. I read on this...
  11. Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    Yep, and even though I have SC, I hardly use it. The car performs just fine and is plenty quick in normal mode for my driving habits, but every now and then I switch to Sport.
  12. Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    I opted out of the RAS for a couple of reasons: (1) Didn't want to spend the extra money for a feature I think would be more beneficial for the track and (2) one would be adding more complexity to the vehicle and perhaps adding more things that could go wrong. I don't have a point of reference...
  13. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    Amen to that. The Model S is a great car hands down and although the Taycan may lack a bit on the user interface display features, it's a much sweeter ride in many aspects.
  14. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    I hear ya about the battery replacement. The thing is that for most of us who bought electric vehicles early on, not much education about Li-Ion battery care was clearly available or obvious to many. Having owned an electric vehicle, I've learned the hard way on how to increase battery...
  15. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    Agreed. I had 1990 E34/M30 for 10 yrs. It was fun to work on and learned a lot on the E34 forum. I became increasingly busy with work and after having worked on a head gasket replacement, complete front end rebuild (chain, sprockets...) and tranny issues, I lost the desire to continue this pace...
  16. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    I feel your pain and I too, had a 2013 85 Model S that was purchased brand new. I loved the car though. At the beginning, things were spectacular; great customer service, excited to be part of driving new technology, smooth ride and oblivious to shoddy build quality which I didn't pay attention...
  17. Park Assist Not Available error message

    I have also fallen prey to the same symptoms as you--same Park Assist error and same blurry image of vehicle when backing in the garage. Good advice given here for a resolution. Will follow up on them and we will see.