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  1. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    And we get the new smartlift function added to our cars!!
  2. Possible to drive on empty / zero battery / charge? Any reserves?

    I've hit zero and won't do it again! The car cut out on me! Lucky for me I arrived home just as it hit zero. As I drove through my gates I stopped the car. As soon as the car hit zero mph it refused to budge. (I am glad it wasn't at road junction!!) Eventually, after messing with it and...
  3. North West England PPF

    There is an Xpel installer in the North West just outside Blackpool called MDTweaks. I believe he has done 2 or 3 Taycans already. Message me if you want contact details.
  4. First lot of dash warning lights today.

    I experience all of those messages quite a lot and have done since bought the car. Even when spotlessly clean. I believe that the sensor (up by the rear view mirror) is one of the last parts of the windscreen to demist and that is what causes it. When my car is warmed up and dry It doesn't...
  5. Dipped beam converted fault

    I don't even notice it any more. Too many other faults popping up to take my focus away :) Are you sure it's not 'normal' ?
  6. Auto tightening seatbelts

    I have a UK 4S and it definitely doesn't do it. I have the standard 'free' seats :-)
  7. Wing misalignment

    Yes. But mine has been like this from day one. It is booked in shortly to have this resolved. The hope is that new wing mechnical components get rid of the droop. Seemingly it only affects early cars. Other early cars at the OPC appeared to have the same issue. Newer cars did not.
  8. Taycan Bluetooth problem

    I made the phone call this morning. Apparently it has affected quite a few of cars. The temporary solution for bluetooth is to connect the telephone to the car with a cable. Maybe a self fix will be announced sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.
  9. Taycan Bluetooth problem

    Snap. 4s. UK car. 7 weeks old. Bluetooth stopped working yesterday. None of the functionality to add a phone works. About to call the dealer this morning! Odd! Keep me updated on any news.
  10. Buzzing sound from control panel?

    Yes, I have two variations. A buzzing noise and a sort of electronic ticking noise. It doesn't always do it, and I only ever notice it when I get in the car and am driving out of my drive at 2-3mph. Mine isn't loud enough to hear at speed. So maybe you have a different buzz than me :-)
  11. 0% range left

    At 0% it doesn't charge normally. My car sat for over an hour at 500ma charging (my mobile phone charges faster) then resumed normal charging shortly after that. Apparently this behaviour is normal (According to Porsche GB). If you are on the go, they told me not to go below 5 miles, as when...
  12. Apple Music trial query UK

    Snap. The link expired as my car sat at Emden for too long. So I'm on the Apple 3 month trial . I did call connect services but they didn't really care
  13. Features that need turning off!

    Being in my 3rd day of ownership, I'm starting to agree with some of the comments on here about the 'not quite ready' tech in this car. But I didnt expect to need to disable features because they arent working properly. Lane keeping assistant ... Its like my old driving instructor. It keeps...
  14. Basic spec 4S - What options are a must have?

    The only 'Must have' options i can think of are the bigger battery, auto dimming mirrors and parking sensors. I love my 21" wheels, glass roof and sports sound. Everything else I could live without. Even the standard half leather interior is nice. I feel a 100K car should have full leather but...
  15. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    In answer to the original question.. I didn't order sports Chrono. The only thing I can see that I don't have is an easy way to change into Range mode. Apart from that Sport+ is doesn't really add anything to my mind. The suspension modes are the same without it. Apparently it doesn't affect the...
  16. Sat Nav limited speed to 90mph which is fine. All of a sudden it slowed to 70mph for half a minute and then back up to 90. Please why?

    Was the car in range mode? Range mode appears to ignore the settings of the limiter and set new limits at will. (Dependant on Nav and traffic conditions). I had it happen yesterday where all of a sudden I got a limiter set at 50mph (on the motorway). Really annoying (and potentially dangerous)...
  17. How low can you go? ;-)

    I got all the way to zero today! And I can't recommend it Porsche Silverstone chargers weren't working properly, 3 motorway Ecotricity chargers failed me (adding only 3-4pct). So I just completed my 200 mile journey with 3 miles to spare. I stopped at a shop 1 mile from home with 3 miles...
  18. UK Porsche mobile charge connect - what output with 32A commando socket

    FYI.. The Porsche documentation says : Which confirms that 7.2Kw is the limit for Single phase when on a 32Amp supply. Just a shame they charge over £500 for the wall box to fasten the charger into. :-( Full manual here ...
  19. Public Charging, do I need to sign up with different providers?

    I cant comment on how Porsche work as I too am still waiting n my Taycan. However I have been driving electric for 4 years and up North the predominant brand at Motorway services is Electric Highway. The only other chargers I have used are Charge Your Car (they appear at places like the...
  20. 0% range left

    I'd be willing to bet my 'due shortly' 4S on it that it behaves like most other electric cars. You can drive to zero without any issues. Even at zero there is still charge in reserve. Its not really zero! I've taken one of our company i3's to 5 miles below zero and it still ran fine. Apparently...