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  1. Christian J

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Ah well, I am now waiting for a new pcm to get shipped from Germany. I wonder if any additional features can be programmed in?
  2. Christian J

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    My car has been at the dealer for 2 days. I was told there are six programming sequences. They made it to the fourth sequence and the car will not take it. It gets about halfway through the programming and then stops. They have reached out to Porsche to see if they have run into this with...
  3. Christian J

    iPhone notification volume

    Looking for help from the Genius Bar here. When connected to the car my phone notifications (text received, etc) are LOUD. It’s not related to ringer volume or anything I can find in the phone menus. I can’t see a menu in the PCM to decrease volume. When the phone rings it’s a normal volume...
  4. Christian J

    A Return Taycan Roadtrip – 721 Miles Over 14 Hours — Experience and Range Results

    So, no Tastykakes? Glad that you got to dial it up a bit on the return trip!
  5. Christian J

    Our first Taycan roadtrip - 716 miles over 14 hours

    One tip when in Range: raise the ride height one click and the car is less likely to bottom out when load and on bumpy highways (95 I'm looking at you) And if you stop at a Wawa I'll take a few tastykakes!
  6. Christian J

    Range Mode Speed Limiting Issue

    I was at the dealer today and was happy to 'break through' the SM and talk to the manager at the dealership and the tech who worked on my car. We did a limited analysis and found that 1 car in inventory and a customer car defaulted to 75mph in range mode when switched on. They both had the same...
  7. Christian J

    How many miles on your Taycan?

    In CO you have to drive 120 miles to get to the grocery store... I'm at 9500miles
  8. Christian J

    Range Mode Speed Limiting Issue

    Any luck getting range mode speed limiter to reappear in the menu? I just discovered that I no longer have it and am stuck with a 55 limit. My remote climate doesn’t work (again).
  9. Christian J

    Smoking/steam when charging

    I've seen it a few times - fast charger - below 40* and humid conditions
  10. Christian J

    Have to change OTA module for 2nd time ! Last time two months ago.

    Same problem here. Car is in the shop and fortunately they had a module in the states. I hope it's not 5 weeks from now!
  11. Christian J

    Early morning warmup

    I always park outside and the cold (low 20's on some nights) has not caused a problem. I think the snowflake comes on when you unlock and have checked the 'preheat' option.
  12. Christian J

    Problem with my smartphone application

    Go to the dealer. I messed with connect for a month before I gave up. The dealer is replacing something major and I should have it back in a few days. I'll post details when I get them but the takeaway is to have the dealer on the issue asap.
  13. Christian J

    Important advice when fitting new wheel sets

    I swapped wheels and had to do the same 'programming' in the pcm to recognize the new sensors. You can do it in 10-15 minutes.
  14. Christian J

    Range mode suspension

    In range mode you can adjust the ride height but you can’t stiffen the dampers so it bottoms easily when low. In sports plus mode you don’t get the wing adjusted or fwd only to maximize range.
  15. Christian J

    Range mode suspension

    I was using Range mode yesterday on a 500 mile trip. The ride quality is great on smooth pavement but I found that with 3 passengers (and a dog) the lowered suspension was too soft and we bottomed out frequently. On lumpy highways at 85+ I went back to Normal mode and sport dampers to keep the...
  16. Christian J

    I ask and answer: Why won't my Taycan Charge as fast as I want it to?

    I was out for about 500 miles yesterday and used 2 EA chargers and one EvolveNY. I plugged the charger location into Nav for each leg so I believe that the battery was conditioned prior to arrival. My connect is not working so Consumption was higher than I expected on this trip but our avg...
  17. Christian J

    20” tires for the winter suggestions

    I agree. I've got about 1500 miles on the scorpions and while snow performance is very good they aren't great in other conditions. I'm hoping to get 3 seasons out of them and will try pzero or something else next time.
  18. Christian J

    Apple car play issue

    I never knew what shortcuts were for!
  19. Christian J

    Road Trip Question

    Are there any Audi/ Porsche dealers on that leg? I know that my local dealer will let one charge provided they call ahead. Try reaching the service manager.
  20. Christian J

    Powder Coating Wheels?

    Thanks. Thats the stock cap which has a silver rim that integrates with the spokes on the turbo wheel. I wonder if you can find an aftermarket cap that's black?