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  1. Mysta

    Which extras you wouldn't order again

    I’d think so too because you’re only as quiet as your weakest link
  2. Mysta

    Which extras you wouldn't order again

    I put ir rejecting tint on my model 3 and model x roof/windshield, never had any issues with heat. Does the thermal kit help pano too? I’m opposite in that I wouldn’t get a car without pano.
  3. Mysta

    Which extras you wouldn't order again

    Why not just get a visor or tint it
  4. Mysta

    Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    Autopilot is great until you get phantom braking PTSD. I think innodrive/alk works fine for long trips on interstate from my tests.
  5. Mysta

    Base interior vs all leather

    Eh, there’s a lot more to a car than dash and paneling.
  6. Mysta

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    You can’t confirm the thing you posted, confirmation comes from multiple sources.
  7. Mysta

    2021 Taycan Turbo - Mamba Green Delivery

    Fwiw, the car comes with charger and mount, but the upgrade comes with a smart charger, screen and stuff on it.
  8. Mysta

    How trustworthy is Porsche Innodrive with ALK?

    Kinda wondering if people are not enabling steering assist and just using ALK
  9. Mysta

    Base interior vs all leather

    Yeah - because there's a lot of options and traditionally options do not sell well later so if you keep it long, easier decision. But a high cost for a 'showy' option is not going to net returns later.
  10. Mysta


    Competition is certainly heating up! I realize different leagues price and reputation wise but one can’t argue Kia/Hyundai/Genesis are coming in strong with some of the talent they’ve hired.
  11. Mysta

    Roof rails or not

    Actually i think the non pano roof can't have roof rails, I think the extra reinforcement on pano is required for it
  12. Mysta

    Taycan as your only car?

    Only other thing I can think of, to play devil’s advocate, is Rivian r1s. Low cog and quad motor should make it handle well, is an ev, and can handle most scenarios.
  13. Mysta

    Roof rails or not

    My dealer is saying they think they’re standard.(in US) Also we can order the rack itself here which seems to back that up.
  14. Mysta

    Base interior vs all leather

    I too am planning to carry my husky and the leather concerns me a bit
  15. Mysta

    Base interior vs all leather

    Is it worth the 4k to upgrade from basic interior if you’re sticking with grey interior? Was thinking of doing neodyme/grey base as it looks pretty nice for pretty cheap.
  16. Mysta

    Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    I do this with every car, too good of a thing to not have always.
  17. Mysta

    Active Park Assist

    I tried to get rid of park assist but seems to make my price go up:/
  18. Mysta

    Battery capacity dropped/reduced

    Can you do what the above mentioned and check your consumption
  19. Mysta

    Cross Turismo Bike Rack?

    Yeah i will at least get kit at first so i can buy rack later. My dealer seems to think the adapter piece is standard in US.
  20. Mysta

    Taycan 4S vs. Turbo: Wham

    I want to write an app that detects how often you accelerate above x performance. That way when you have a Turbo S you can be like ok, 1 fast acceleration, that was 40k, 2 is 20k per, etc. So when you sell it you know exactly how much you spent for that thrill. Be interesting to find out!(of...