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  1. Model 3 vs. Taycan Turbo S Track Race

    Fair, fact-based, and well-reasoned posts like this are one of the reasons I enjoy this forum. Pretty unusual in my experience. The model 3 is an impressive vehicle for the price even if I have no desire to own one.
  2. RWD Taycan

    Yep -saw that video as well and thought the same thing. I was worried the ride height might look too high on the steel springs and it looks like i was right. Porsche cleverly specced all the press cars with air suspension..
  3. BMW i4

    As a former BMW fan, I'm not into the large grilles either. The other day a friend of mine (who is in his early 30s) texted me out of the blue and was like "I love the new M4". I thought he was trolling me but he was actually serious. So...maybe BMW knows what they are doing and attracting a...
  4. Some first impressions

    Regarding "sport" mode, there's also a "sport" button on the bottom of the lower screen that you can use if you dont have sport chrono...
  5. Some first impressions

    That is great to hear for those of us consdering the RWD model! Be curious if you can determine whether your loaner actually has air suspension -- think if you click on car settings, if there are options under suspension to raise or lower it that would be how you'd know. Agree on idrive- after...
  6. Nick Murray Taycan Base review

    Ha -yeah he's tolerable in small doses (and only if i'm very interested in the car he's reviewing). I think this is the first review I've seen of a Taycan on steel springs...
  7. Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    Yep, I bet Porsche could, fairly easily, enable Carplay's "second screen output" on the instrument cluster display with a software update. But given the odd shape, it would probably look funny or they'd have to "letterbox" it to make it fit. Even so, I think most people would accept that to...
  8. Taycan as your only car?

    Having had a wagon, do you miss the hatch?
  9. Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    Yep - the model s was compelling when it was the only game in town for a good looking EV with good range. Now there are more options. Makes it harder to overlook the faults
  10. Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    Even as a techy, the tech in Teslas doesn't really interest or impress me. I'd never trust Tesla's autopilot to do the things they claim it can do so regular adaptive cruise control is fine with me. Other than that, what do they have that's actually useful or unique? Built-in video games...
  11. Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    Interesting point. When talking about "range" for EVs, I dont' think most people care about "city" driving since that tends to be local driving that falls well within any EV's range. If you charge at home at night it's pretty much irrelevant. Highway range is really what matters...
  12. Base interior vs all leather

    The Taycan 4S I test drove recently had the base interior and the Turbo in the showroom had racetex. No real issues with the base interior and I didn't really care for the Racetex. From the pics I've seen, the full leather interior does seem to make it look more special w/ the extra...
  13. Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    Even on a long highway drive in my current and past cars, I've noticed that trip computer's average speed is often lower than I think it would be. So even on a trip where I think "I've been doing 80mph", the reality is usually more like 50 due to inevitable traffic jams, slower speeds once you...
  14. Taycan as your only car?

    Yep it does check a lot of boxes as well but a) I’m sure the Porsche drives better being a lower vehicle plus Porsche suspension tuning expertise b) don’t want to roll the dice on an unproven manufacturer
  15. Taycan as your only car?

    Well, at the very least I’ll want to wait until I can test drive a ct4. Until then, I can waffle and over analyze endlessly :)
  16. Taycan as your only car?

    Curious how many of you have a Taycan as your only car? And if it is your only car how have you found that? My thoughts and logic: I only have the space and need for 1 car (addtional cars would end up parked on the street) and a Taycan (atleast in Cross Turismo form) could probably handle 95%...
  17. Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    I'm not really interested in either option but RWS seems way more useful. I kind of like the "manettino" drive mode selector that you get w/ sport chrono but its not worth the price or the ugly wart that appears on the dash.
  18. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    I also think that Porsche builds in some safeguards that Tesla doesn’t (for example leaving a small buffer so that you can’t repeatedly charge to a true 100% for example)
  19. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    Yep- it does seem like the issues the Taycan has are mostly software related. These will all get solved well within the warranty period for sure.
  20. Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    Agreed. I think if there's a battery issue it'll be due to a manufacturing defect which will show up way before the warranty is over.