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  1. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    No mention of wireless carplay. It does mention in one of the articles that it requires the dealership to provide the update. Interested in hearing feedback from others that are brave enough to get the update first :).
  2. Error during charging

    I have an appointment for Monday for a similar charging error on the left side only. I don't have a pre-warm profile so haven't experienced it going completely dead and the right port still works which I have been using in the interim. How long did the dealer take to diagnosis and replace...
  3. Red Error Light on Charger Port

    I have the same issue, but with AC port only. Can you share the resolution?
  4. Time to Say Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Electrons.

    Where is the petition for me to sign for Porsche to hire @louv?
  5. Park Assist Not Available error message

    Happened to my 4S today. Is there a permanent fix? I realized that I am unable to backup without cameras. :)
  6. What happened to DC Fast Chargers at Porsche dealers?

    Can you share your experience if you use the chargers mentioned? I purchased my vehicle out of state (for an earlier allocation) so interested in if these chargers are available for anyone to use and if they are 24 X 7.
  7. Electrify America Poll

    Any update if Charging America app is now working? Planning for my weekly charge since I am still waiting for my charger to be installed at my condo.
  8. Charging Your Taycan Demonstration Using Porsche Connect App

    Thank you! I did not notice the option at the bottom to login. Not sure I would have seen that and not sure why they have the other option that does nothing at the top.
  9. Charging Your Taycan Demonstration Using Porsche Connect App

    Hoping someone can clarify if the Charging NA app should still be used? Electrify America INSISTED that the Porsche Connect should not be used and was the cause of the charge not connecting, despite me sharing I have only used the Porsche Connect for previous charging at other Electrify America...
  10. Mileage at Delivery

    Ordered car with deposit paid several months ago.
  11. Mileage at Delivery

    36, yes can understand 10, but thank you all for putting things into perspective for me.
  12. Mileage at Delivery

    :cool:, mine will also have high mileage when/if the world opens given the daily commute. I was just expecting an under 10 mileage for a brand new car.
  13. Mileage at Delivery

    Just curious as to what was everyone's mileage at delivery to see if I should overreact?
  14. Porsche Taycan on Hockenheim race track

    Metallic white or base white? Having a hard telling the difference.
  15. CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    Is the white above metallic or regular white?
  16. Only Fast Charging

    Hello, I am hoping to put down a deposit on a 4S soon, but now a little hesitant based on some recent threads due to the following. My condo doesn't allow charger installation currently. Believe there is only one other electric car, a Model X, in the building. Have already started working...