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  1. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Its software so its possible and rather likely. Any time you touch the complex code you are running risk of introducing the new problems.
  2. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Classic. Publish press release with contact info out of the office. Very professional.
  3. 12V issue strikes another one

    I have dash-cam on mine plugged into 12V socket, I checked after 30 minutes and its turned off. I will direct-wire it anyway since I don't like it being on for 30 minutes. No point to it.
  4. BMW i4

    Why is it so ugly!? Looks fat.
  5. 12V issue strikes another one

    So where was dashcam plugged in?
  6. Buy/Finance vs. Lease - Pros & Cons

    I don't think its that bad or simple. MF on lease is 3.55% equivalent. Financing is probably 2.55% so you are looking at 1% APR difference which on 36 month lease translates to ~$550/year! Buying out the lease at the end is the same as buying car upfront, what is really the difference...

    That explains why you are getting Cross Turismo o_O
  8. Tesla admits FSD is a pipe dream

    Except with the camera only hardware on the cars they will never deliver it.
  9. Tesla admits FSD is a pipe dream

    I suspected that from beginning, FSD is not possible with the camera visual system only. But they keep on charging suckers $10k for something that will never work.
  10. Dealer Software Update

    From what I have heard, Porsche does not even have dedicated OTA team, not even a single person, so if that is true then they would not send out any update over the air... And they haven't so...
  11. Buy/Finance vs. Lease - Pros & Cons

    You got it. Current money factor on Turbo is I think .002 which is 4.8%, so you are paying ~2.5% more in interest on lease and you have pre-negotiated trade-in value. Difference is then in tax. At 4 years its probably about the wash. You only gamble with the trade-in value at the time you want...
  12. UK 12V issue - what should I do?

    Fleet of German trained pigeons from Zuffenhausen is carrying USB sticks to US across the pond. Word is, they'll land end of March, but German pigeons are finicky so it might be April, May, June and perhaps even July or August.
  13. Using Tesla Gen 2 Charger with 80amp adapter to get full 19.2KVh

    It works. That's how I charge.
  14. 2020 4S Lease offer

    To make more money!? Nothing is set until its signed and bought. I do not believe you will get 18% on brand new 2020 before $7500 federal tax credit. On demo model yes.
  15. 2020 4S Lease offer

    If you did on new 2020 model good luck, but you haven't bought it though did you? Unless you have signed it you really don't know whether you have that deal or not.
  16. where Porsche has room to improve

    I suspect we, 2020 model year, might never see this update or it might be very very minor and that's it. From software development and deployment perspective it does not look like there is even a team working on this. They released car long ago and many many small updates should have been...
  17. EA charging FAIL FAIL FAIL

    I honestly would not do any travelling with any EV. Tesla or Taycan. Tesla chargers are always full and you end up waiting and waiting on top of minimum 20 minute charge. EA chargers don't work, its a hit or miss... I bought both Tesla and Taycan only because I will be charging them at home. No...
  18. 2020 4S Lease offer

    I don't think dealers have room to discount 15%, I think at most you can get 8% for brand new car. 15% perhaps for demo model. This might change if Porsche gives more incentives at the end of month, but to my knowledge they don't have 10%-15% to give on a new car.