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  1. NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    Hi you all! I am very proud that I sticked to my initial choice of Neptune Blue. Why do you think the color is not as popular assume other colours? It being a new special colour for the Taycan and all. Do you think it has something to do with it not being metallic? Seems Crayon is also not...
  2. Last minute Spec Change! Please Help!

    My production date is confirmed for May this year for a Turbo in Neptune Blue and Bramble. I decided to add a brighter stitch to the interior to have some contrast to all that purple and was told that this will delay my delivery by one month. I am willing to wait an additional month but...
  3. NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    Wow this just made my day!!! Went for the same exterior look and it is just stunning in real life!!! Could be happier to see ur pictures :)
  4. Soon to be a Taycan owner!

    Hey guys, having some second thoughts about whether I should go with Neptune blue. I fear I might grow tired of the color with time. Silver is the most common color used for this car from what I see... black and white are too standard so what are we left with??? maybe red? My 6 y.o. daughter...
  5. My 4s (Neptune Blue) delivery at PEC Atlanta

    Hi and congrats on your beautiful new Taycan. I am about to order mine in Neptune as well :) is the interior you went with Chalk Beige? I am leaning towards Bambile (dark purplish)
  6. Soon to be a Taycan owner!

    The exterior looks lovely on the picture you posted!! About the interior seem like it's truffle brown which looks lovely on the configurator. If this is what it looks like in real life then it's a bit disappointing. I think the best options for the Blue Neptune are Bramble, Atacama Beige or the...
  7. Soon to be a Taycan owner!

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! Went back and forth this morning with the interior and I decided to go with Bramble just cause it's different and Beige has it's downside on the long run with maintenance in my humble opinion. I also decided to go without the SportDesign. The only question left...
  8. Soon to be a Taycan owner!

    Of course I did :)
  9. Soon to be a Taycan owner!

    Hey everyone, Appreciate this forum! I know the issues I'm about post were discussed here before but I decided to still post them before making my decision on what design I order. I am fixed in the exterior color - Blue Neptune. Interior I was thinking the alcantara (ecological) but was...