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  1. manitou202

    How many charge to 100%

    I charge to 80% daily, along with our E-tron, and same for the other EV's I've owned. My Taycan basically stays between 60-80% outside of road trips. I rarely drive it more than 30 miles in a day, and then it's charged right back to 80% by morning.
  2. manitou202

    Model 3 vs. Taycan Turbo S Track Race

    Honestly the results make EV's look bad as a track car period. They all lost 10-15 seconds a lap, five laps in. So basically the results tell me that a Model 3 with $20k in performance upgrades can come close to the same lap time as a Turbo S, but neither car really has the cooling power (or...
  3. manitou202

    Building EVs is hard, part 86

    Someone did a proper DFMEA
  4. manitou202

    Cross Turismo 4 or 4S? Crayon or Dolomite?

    Dolomite has a "spaceship" like feel to it. I like it better on the sedan and it goes really well with the Mission E wheels. As mentioned above Chalk has a rugged look to it and looks good with the black trim. My person preference for a Cross Turismo would be Chalk. Edit: If you like Chalk I...
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    Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    Just drove back from Phoenix to Colorado in our Taycan and our E-tron. At a couple of the stops the temperature was in the low 80's. It was hot enough that the E-tron actually throttled back the charging rate but the Taycan didn't drop. However the Taycan used a fair amount more kWh compared to...
  6. manitou202

    Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    Another Tesla (Model X 100D) to Taycan owner here. As stated above, keep the Tesla if you really value the autopilot. I hardly used it in our Tesla except for road trips, but when used it's very impressive. I recently used Innodrive on an 880 mile road trip in the Taycan. It's fine, but...
  7. manitou202

    Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    I agree that 323 miles is not a "normal" expected range and can be misleading, but that is the same as the other vehicles on that list. Many of the state ranges for vehicles on that list compare to Bjorn's 55mph tests. So I would guess that Edmunds was doing a bit of hypermiling. Regardless it...
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    Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    I agree the efficiency number doesn't line up with the range achieved and the usable battery capacity. But we also don't know how many kWh went into recharging the battery. Maybe there was a large loss due to inefficiencies in charging (cooling the battery etc) or there might have been a mistake...
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    Looks amazing Bruce! Congrats!
  10. manitou202

    Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    Their website says differently. They drive the vehicle until 10 miles remaining. Then fill the battery back up and calculate the consumption based on the kWh used to fill the battery divided by the range they tested...
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    Taycan Turbo S is 5x faster than Tesla Model S P100D – latest track test

    Gotcha. 5X faster on the 10th time to 180km. The Model S faded really quick. It only took 5 runs.
  12. manitou202

    Taycan Turbo S is 5x faster than Tesla Model S P100D – latest track test

    Is this an April fools joke to trigger Tesla fans?
  13. manitou202

    Charging profiles

    You can set the minimum charge to the desired target (if no Departure Timers are active), or you need to create a Departure Timer and select the desired charging target within that Timer's settings. This is my most frustrating part of the charging experience with Porsche. They over complicated...
  14. manitou202

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    Another possible factor is driving the car like a Porsche. ;)
  15. manitou202

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    Turbo S with Mission E wheels, and all season tires. Typically driven in Sport Plus mode. 1/2 of my miles have been winter driving in Colorado. Here is my 2019 E-tron with 20” wheels and a roof box for a comparison. Keep in mind they have the same battery size yet the E-tron has a 204 mile...
  16. manitou202

    Which Goes Farther? | Taycan vs Mach E Range Test - Alex on Autos

    Nice video! Taycan 4S EPA Rating: 227 miles Real world range test: 270 miles +19% Mustang Mach-E EPA Rating: 270 miles Real world range test: 260 -4% In Alex's other video with the Mach-E and the Model Y under similar conditions: Mustang Mach-E EPA Rating: 270 miles Real world range test...
  17. manitou202

    Mercedes Benz EQS vs Tayacn

    This may not be a popular opinion, but I find that Mercedes interiors always look better in photos and don't live up in person. My dad has a new E-class with the big displays. I thought it looked nice until I rode in it. Not a fan. Porsche will never have the luxury interior of a top Mercedes...
  18. manitou202

    TECHART 22” Formula VI wheels on Neptune blue Taycan.

    Those are the best aftermarket wheels I've seen on the Taycan. They kinda have a Magnus Walker wheel vibe.
  19. manitou202

    Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    4500 miles and no issues. Two road trips, one 1250 miles and one 880 miles with no charging issues either.
  20. manitou202

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    I want the plug and charge feature. :(