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  1. svp6

    Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    Have the Taycan 4S after a P85D, model 3 long range and model 3 performance. I think @daveo4EV has the most balanced response. Talking about quality, Taycan is in a class of its own in terms of fit and finish - no comparison with Tesla there. Conversely, the user interface goes to Tesla. Apple...
  2. svp6

    Helium for the batteries to improve range?

    You mean full of hot Helium :)
  3. svp6

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    I will schedule mine as soon as offered here in MN - not much to lose, since the connect is again on the fritz after the OTA exchange. I hope that the new software will help. The YouTube video posted on the other thread is very informative - also mentions the WMA7 is for the charger, hence you...
  4. svp6

    Can other cars use mobile charger connect?

    I have not experimented with anything between 20A and 36A when charging the model 3 on the Porsche charger. First step when the Porsche gave the message "tripping circuit breaker" (or something like that) was to reduce current to 20A and that worked - thank you, Bjorn Nyland for the early model...
  5. svp6

    Can other cars use mobile charger connect?

    I also charged my Tesla model 3 several times. The one issue was that the charge stopped within seconds several times with a message on the PCMM about fuse going off or something along those lines. I adjusted in the Tesla the charging current to a max of 20A , all worked well afterwards.
  6. svp6

    Efficiency rating of wheel options

    Definitely best intervention for improving efficiency - that does not involve slowing down;). I use 42 PSI (2.9 bar) - picked that number just because that is what I used to have in the P85D - which is similar in size and weight.
  7. svp6

    My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    Sorry you got such a bad experience. For the release, I had a similar experience while on a roadtrip to Chicago. I was luckier, as after several power on/off cycles, end-charging on the charging station screen, and dancing around the car it did release..... As for the manual release chord you...
  8. svp6

    EA charging FAIL FAIL FAIL

    For US customers, the charging process would be so much better if Porsche delivered on what they promised - 800V charging stations at each of their dealerships..... That would provide a backup to EA network plus the safety of charging in a reasonable neighborhood. Some of the EAs are in really...
  9. svp6

    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    Here are the things I love 1. Gorgeous looks. One of the most stunning cars on the market 2. Great handling 3. Great fit and finish 4. Much more quiet than any of the Tesla models I owned Such a joy to drive.....
  10. svp6

    Porsche admits “connect” broken

    My car is in the shop for one week now, no news yet. I would imagine they update the software if this is not vaporware - will report when I get the car back. Incidentally, I am now on day 22 out of 30 required for lemon law. I love the car, but seriously consider ditching it.
  11. svp6

    Deeply disappointed with 4S -- 12V battery issue and "Electrical System Error"

    Good luck with that. Let us know if you get an answer. I am still waiting for an email acknowledging my inquiry last October.... In my experience the only thing that arrives like clockwork is the lease monthly bill.
  12. svp6

    Deeply disappointed with 4S -- 12V battery issue and "Electrical System Error"

    Agree with @Marshall. Both the service manager and the general manager at my dealership were very professional. Obviously they are not happy having customers complain and push back Porsche NA and Porsche Germany.
  13. svp6

    Porsche admits “connect” broken

    True - but still inconvenient. Today we have -8F (-22C). Luckily my wife's electric car works as intended and pre-heats flawlessly.....
  14. svp6

    Finish paperwork while car is in repair?

    I thought you are supposed to buy a new car, not one that has a battery swapped. I would walk away, it is not like there are no inventory Taycans. To the very least you should ask for a substantial discount.
  15. svp6

    They either misspent most of it or they have been had... but the investment Porsche makes on electronics does not correspond with the results !

    I am afraid we are in no danger not visiting the dealership for the foreseeable future as I doubt software glitches will be quickly solved. I have been to the dealership already 4 times in 9 months - which is the same as the previous 2 EVs in their combined 5 years of use (pick-up and turn in...
  16. svp6

    Deeply disappointed with 4S -- 12V battery issue and "Electrical System Error"

    Having spent too much time at the dealer I talked a lot with the local crowd. They said biggest problem they had in 2020 was lack of inventory - everything was delayed. I suspect they sold a lot of the cars they would otherwise use as loaners. Still very annoying to 1) have the car fail and 2)...
  17. svp6

    Taycan 4S Performance Battery - My Real World Cold Weather Test

    I'll start keeping track of that too - probably can reconstruct some of the data from the charger. Project for the week-end :)
  18. svp6

    Deeply disappointed with 4S -- 12V battery issue and "Electrical System Error"

    Sorry to hear this. Porsche software clearly needs improvement. And my remote climate control has stopped working - again.....
  19. svp6

    Taycan 4S Performance Battery - My Real World Cold Weather Test

    Good points. I will try normal mode without pre-heating to see what happens with battery temp and total estimated range.
  20. svp6

    Taycan 4S Performance Battery - My Real World Cold Weather Test

    183 miles at 3F (-16C) starting with warm battery, 495 Wh/mi. Sunny, no wind, clean road. All <45F data is on PZero winter tires at 42 PSI. All data from >90 mile highway trips at 73 mph in range mode, 72F interior. Consumption is identical to my previous 2015 Tesla P85D. Importantly, the...