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  1. LonePalmBJ

    Atlanta Area Taycan Happy Hour - Tuesday, May 18, 2021

    Attention @rquinton @TaycanATL @TerpsRno1 @wemct @Discocat75 @atlaturne @al092193 @bill winfield and all other Taycan owners in the vicinity of Atlanta, GA: Please join me for a casual Taycan Happy Hour at Sage Woodfire Tavern Perimeter on Tuesday, May 18th starting at 6:30pm. Sage is located...
  2. LonePalmBJ

    Apple Car Play Cord vs. Taycan Armrest

    I believe @wemct is in the process of moving to Milton. If you see a Mamba Green 4S cruising around it's probably him. I live in Roswell but find myself in Milton pretty often so keep an eye out for my Gentian Blue 4S too. There's a handful of us in and around Atlanta. I'm going to be...
  3. LonePalmBJ

    Car Exterior Protection

    I have full-front coverage in XPel Ultimate Plus (the 8 mil version, I believe) and also have the entire car coated with gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and Exo 4.0 The XPEL is truly invisible and unless you know to look you can't tell it's there. It does not impact the color or brilliance of the...
  4. LonePalmBJ

    Taycan 4S Joins the "300-Mile Club," Claims Edmunds

    Kyle Conner from Out of Spec motoring on YouTube does this. He does a range test from 100% to 0% (when the car runs out of juice and dies) He drives at a constant 70mph on an out-and-back highway route (to negate elevation changes) and I think his methodology is pretty sound. Taycan (RWD)...
  5. LonePalmBJ

    Fully Spec'd 4S or Base Turbo?

    This was exactly my situation. I had originally ordered a Turbo, but because of cost concerns it was lightly specced. Due to Covid delays I had a lot of time to read reviews, watch videos, learn about the options, and understand that for me, at least, there was little real-world difference...
  6. LonePalmBJ

    Anyone in the US take delivery recently?

    @rquinton did you pick up today, or did you reschedule due to the lousy weather?
  7. LonePalmBJ

    Phone holders for the Taycan - what are you using?

    The passenger side has been working well for me:
  8. LonePalmBJ

    8 months - no homelink garage door opener....??

    I have a 2020 and Homelink works fine for me. I also mapped the diamond button on the dash and it works flawlessly. I found this video to be very helpful, there are a couple on non-obvious and non-intuitive steps to follow:
  9. LonePalmBJ

    Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    My answer is "I hope not" but who knows. I kept my last EV for 8 years, and my wife's just turned 7 and she has no plans to change. I'd like to think that in a few years I could upgrade from the Taycan to maybe a later version with more tech and gadgets, or possibly a convertible Taycan!
  10. LonePalmBJ

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    I'm just glad to still see you around these parts. For lots of reasons.
  11. LonePalmBJ

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Based on all available information, P&C for MY2020 vehicles wasn't going to be even potentially available until Q2 or Q3. Considering that the big update just announced was finalized and began validation months ago there was no reason to expect it would include it. I mentioned in a couple of...
  12. LonePalmBJ

    Porsche Presents: 'Going The Distance' with Alex Winter & Keanu Reeves

    Bill and Ted's Taycan Adventure! I liked the guest appearances of Tanner Foust in the GT3RS and Patrick Long in a 918 Spyder
  13. LonePalmBJ

    Aero adjusting on unlock (video)

    Mine too :)
  14. LonePalmBJ

    Using Tesla Gen 2 Charger with 80amp adapter to get full 19.2KVh

    [I edited my original entry as my oversimplification was factually misstated] The EVSE will advertise the rate it can send. The car has no idea about the breaker you are connected to or what's upstream, it merely relies on what the EVSE tells it. If your EVSE is configured to be on a 60A...
  15. LonePalmBJ

    Using Tesla Gen 2 Charger with 80amp adapter to get full 19.2KVh

    I have the 80A TeslaTap and have connected my MY2020 Taycan to a friend's Gen 2 Tesla Wall Charger and charged at 11kW, which is the fastest my car is able to accept and faster than the best you can do with the PMCC. I have no reason to doubt that if your car can handle 19.2kW then that's what...
  16. LonePalmBJ

    First Electrify America charging experience using 350kw charger

    Yes, and I'm envious :) I'm hopeful and reasonably confident that Plug and Charge will be retroactively enabled for MY2020 cars. Until then, I have the extra step of the App dance.
  17. LonePalmBJ

    First Electrify America charging experience using 350kw charger

    There are actually three apps you can use to to initiate a charge on Electrify America. The first is the native Electrify America app, which as noted above will not allow you to take advantage of the three years of charging included with Taycans in the US (and other) market. Then there is the...
  18. LonePalmBJ

    First Electrify America charging experience using 350kw charger

    Robert, In addition to connecting your Porsche ID to the Charging NA App you also need to "subscribe" to the Taycan Charging Service by logging into My Porsche with your ID and selecting it: Once you do you will have activated the three years of Charging and you will see this on your My...
  19. LonePalmBJ

    Electrify AMERICA - Anyone having trouble getting free charging at the local level?

    There's an EA station about 5 miles from my house so I swung by yesterday as an excuse to drive the Taycan. Charged with no issues using the Charging NA app to initiate the station. Only stayed for a few minutes as didn't need the charge, but everything worked fine and I got 17 no-cost kWh...
  20. LonePalmBJ

    Does the battery get heated up by default upon charging?

    A lot of people have weighed in on the temperature question but I thought I'd respond to the notification part. I've seen this behavior myself a few times lately. My assumption is that the recent Feb 11 app update (v. 4.4) changed some default notification behavior. Like you, I've received...