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  1. Tonytones

    Charging questions - port on either side?

    You can use either side for AC charging (your aforementioned set-up.) Only passenger or right side for DC fast charging (CCS) Some people have reported intermittent charging problems with using the passenger side port for AC home charging, but it was more with MY20 at the beginning, and it seems...
  2. Tonytones

    WMA5 Update - Possible 4S Performance Increase?

    I totally agree, it's more gradual! Don't think it's our imagination as we were not expecting anything regarding the braking system.
  3. Tonytones

    WMA5 Update - Possible 4S Performance Increase?

    I've notice above all a diffrent feeling/response regarding the brake pedal, like a smoother feel in the beginning. Perfomance seems pretty much the same to me
  4. Tonytones

    I lost all power in the outside lane

    Very scary indeed... I'm glad to hear that nothing happened to you fortunately. When the dealer said to you he was waiting for a software update , did he mean the M5/6 update campaign? Or have you already had this update (WM6 for 2021 MY)?
  5. Tonytones

    Taycan Range

    Very impressive indeed.... after 8 months and 10,000 miles (16,000km) of similar driving I get around 199 miles at 85% charge at this time of the year (10C outside temp), so extrapolated range of 235 miles (375km) at 100%. Could go up to 250 miles (400km) at 100% during summer time (25C oustide...
  6. Tonytones

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    Got it... the carbon blade should hit the road first so the rear wheel on the Bill Nye picture is backward (wrong)... Gosh I got to go back to the dealer...again!
  7. Tonytones

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    Damn I may have a problem Houston... What do you think is the correct way of mounting them? I have mine mounted with front wheels having the metal spoke touching ground first and then the carbon plate (in the direction of rotation), which is contrary to the Bill Nye picture... And the rear...
  8. Tonytones

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Got the car back today after a week (718 cayman S loaner was fun but almost too loud now that i'm used to EV...). They seem to have had problem with the stopwatch during the update and needed to perfom a couple of time a part of the update called K4M2S and K4M3S. They didn't ''break'' anything...
  9. Tonytones

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    I too have a problem with sport chrono clock and some recalibration of the steering wheel...The service director was working on the car today (it's been there since Tuesday afternoon) saying it's been the last part of the update that went wrong and gives error code regarding the chrono clock...
  10. Tonytones

    New software upgrade

    Just let mine at the dealership today along with the charger PMCC Fingers crossed during the wait... My garage looks empty now, but it'll be a good reason to clean it in order to welcome back its occupant wearing the beautiful carbon 21'' rims! Let's hope I can post some good news by Friday !
  11. Tonytones

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Mmmmmmm engine sound (especially V8....) how I miss that as well.... Imagine if we could choose between a rounded V8 symphony and the electrofuturistic Posrche E-sound in the PCM, that would be cool! :-))
  12. Tonytones

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    Yeah, it would be great! After all, it's kind of a 2015 feature...;-)
  13. Tonytones

    4S Range is never more than 170 miles on a full charge.

    Ahhh Spring..... life again!! 21'' rims, clean car, serotonin boost from a joy ride in a beautiful Taycan ;) How eager am I!!
  14. Tonytones

    4S Range is never more than 170 miles on a full charge.

    Thanks about Automatic regen! Didn't know this one!
  15. Tonytones

    First use of Tesla Gen 3 wall charger and Tesla Tap adapter to charge at 48amps

    Great to hear! Could you tell us which TeslaTap adaptor you use? I recently purchase the model MINI but it's only rated 60 amps and I'm sometimes afraid to use it with Tesla destination charger thinking it might be a 80 amps or 100amps and that it will melt...
  16. Tonytones

    Verify automatic software update?

    Same here, so far I've only seen map updates OTA
  17. Tonytones

    Possible to paint lower front bumper section to look like Turbo?

    For what I know the only option for now is PPS (spray not film...) Only available in few locations in the UK and USA that I'm aware of. Look at the posts from @TAYC4N for more info! Excellent results!
  18. Tonytones

    Taxes in Turkey went from %15 to %60

    Is the tax hike only for EV? (petrol companies lobby??)
  19. Tonytones

    How To Charge Your EV On A Tesla Charging Station - Tom Moloughney

    Would you recommend to get the Tesla tap Mini 40 AMP or 60AMP if it is intended to be use occasionally at Tesla Destination chargers (i.e. Ski resorts, hotels and such) ? Is there a risk to use the 40 amp while the tesla charger at destination is more potent ?
  20. Tonytones

    2020 Porsche Taycan 4S Achieved 190 Miles of Range in Our 75-MPH Highway Test - Car and Driver

    This is low but can be considered to be reasonably true considering the parameters you mentioned and the extensive reports of low mileage / high consumption we see in this forum by various owners from the UK / Northern Europe/ USA and Canada. The first time EV buyer can be quite shocked by the...