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  1. Gubbjaevel

    PTV (Porsche Torque Vectoring) - a must have?

    Having driven a 4S w/o for 5 months, then a Turbo with everything for 8 months, and now a loaner 4S w/o for 3 weeks - I believe I have pretty good experience in both. You definitely feel the difference! No Q about it. If it's worth the money - individual decision. If you want the best and money...
  2. Gubbjaevel

    Post 3397 update: Range function issues?

    Tx, will look forward to your feedback. As it is now - cruising on the highway at 130 km/h - Range mode (AC in normal, not eco) and Sport mode uses pretty much the same amount of energy. I will continue testing myself back and forth.
  3. Gubbjaevel

    Post 3397 update: Range function issues?

    It is my experience that in Range mode, it uses only FWD unless power requirements dictate the need for AWD. "Driving in this mode means driving with the most efficient all-wheel distribution possible." = Only FWD. Which mine does not, after update. Next time I'm on the highway, I'll check the...
  4. Gubbjaevel

    Post 3397 update: Range function issues?

    Just got mine back from the latest WMA5/6 update - now SW 3397. Observed a change in behaviour on range mode on the way back. On Car/Trip in the menu - you can see energy flows. (blue = usage, green regen, 2WD/4WD). Before in range mode I clearly saw the rear wheels disengage when gently...
  5. Gubbjaevel

    Battery preconditionning (heating or cooling)

    Intelligent Range Manager no a requirement. Add a charger as a stopover or final destination and your vehicle automatically preps battery temp at arrival (30*C if I'm not mistaken). Or, as we early adopters found out - Spots Plus+ for the last 20km and a heavy right foot works as well.
  6. Gubbjaevel

    Porsche to build its own premium batteries

    Good. Porsche had invested a lot of time, money, effort into the Taycan. And it shows. Why stop? I believe it is the obvious way forward. Can't see any negative side to it. Next-gen solid state batt, w/o the need for precious metals on behalf of child slave labour, 800km+range, ISO 15118/V2G...
  7. Gubbjaevel

    Want "Auto" driving mode

    37, First P as well, Active SW engineer, Never owned T, Never owned BC, never owned GME. We're pretty similar, deduct 2 decades and investments. All good, brother. I fully agree P can improve, *easily*, on the software-side of things.
  8. Gubbjaevel

    Want "Auto" driving mode

    Yep, of course the real issue is that Porsche builds cars to be driven by the driver, not ipads on wheels. I, as well, assumed you're trolling. And still do. If not - I might be getting to old for this. This forum has changed -a lot- in the last 3-6 months.
  9. Gubbjaevel

    Darwin Award finalists, early 2021 leaders

    Bad taste. 2 people are dead. Stupid or not. No joke to be found.
  10. Gubbjaevel

    How trustworthy is Porsche Innodrive with ALK?

    ALK is "acceptable" (not good) on highways. I use it quite often when boring drives with the family. I'm 100% sure it can and will be improved programmatically during the years. The thing that bugs me is that it "pops out" of ALK without notice. I'd venture to say it is a hazard. A slight...
  11. Gubbjaevel

    Dash cams

    Negative, negative and negative. It uses it's own separate battery. Being charged while main 12V being charged + 1 hour after. Battery lasts 12-18hours standalone.
  12. Gubbjaevel

    Weight: standard vs PCCB brakes

    Let's overnerd this, completely! I'll even pretend I understand 1/3 of what you're about to write! (I do, genuinely, look forward to quantification.)
  13. Gubbjaevel

    Back seats 2+1

    "Cut the D or cut the P". Easy. Congaz on the +1 :)
  14. Gubbjaevel

    Taycan 4S range results for each drive mode - owner's test

    I've grown to appreciate the "build in" settings - something I didn't in the beginning. I'm normally in "normal" - no need for 1st gear in my day to day drive (with wife and kids in car). When the desire is there, switch to Sport+ and the car really comes alive like and ICE with sound...
  15. Gubbjaevel

    WMA5/WMA6 updates spring 2021

    Spot on, @Dee Has anyone see detailes release notes? (Similar to this one for the old WLG2 update:
  16. Gubbjaevel

    WMA5/WMA6 updates spring 2021

    Gents, Seen some general info about the update, but nothing too specific. (This thread, and this post: Also saw @Dee post some info on FB, but couldn't find it now that I was looking for it. As far as I know, in...
  17. Gubbjaevel

    Porsche Dashcam - What did I miss?

    Very nice find indeed! Heard rumours before. Hope Porsche SW devs have done some QA on this one before release..
  18. Gubbjaevel

    Dash cams

    I have already established that Porsches SW engineers are not up to par with the leading players. (Or perhaps more accurately; the management will now allow them to be. Either way - result is the same for end users). I went ahead with the Blackvue: Blackvue DR900X-2CH paired with Power Magic...
  19. Gubbjaevel

    Charging Port Impaired - "Left (or right) charging port impaired" error message

    I had the issue recently. Both doors locked closed. Went to PC. They could manually reset, and see that there is a sensor fault. Sensor not available in Germany. They have not disabled my AC charge port door and all working OK. No real issues, either.