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  1. Audio upgrade for base sound system

    I suppose the fact that Porsche won't even let you specify the base system in the Turbo/Turbo S tells us what Porsche thinks of the base system...
  2. Sport Sound Volume

    Interesting. In the US at least, there doesn't appear to be any difference in sound between Sport+ and Normal when sound is "On." For us, "Normal" is "Off," essentially meaning the only sound you hear is the actual sound that the motors make.
  3. Can you fit 2 large check in luggage bags in the trunk?

    I have Bose, and I can at least confirm that I can get two sets of golf clubs in the trunk with room for shoes and other smaller items. So I suspect that what you are speaking of would fit.
  4. What type of car wash do you get?

    I have had my car for nine months now, and I have not yet washed it. Ceramic coat has been incredible; I use a car duster every couple of weeks and it looks great. I am not a wash my own car kind of person, so I am very interested in everyone's experience.
  5. Next problem on 2020 Turbo - *after* car losing all power on Freeway ...

    Contact Porsche NA, get your money back, and get a different car, even if it is different Taycan.
  6. Having issues trying to get the software upgrade For my Taycan 4S.

    FWIW, my car was already in the shop when the update was released, but I would have waited if my dealer was having issues installing the update and I wasn't having any problems.
  7. Dealer Software Update

    I suspect that it may not even be by model year; it almost seems like some of the modules are defective in some pecuilar way that requires them to be replaced. Too many "replaced modules" on these Boards...
  8. How would you spec differently next time?

    I have both. If it is a cost issue, I'd say no. Electric charge port doors are cool, but definitely not something I'd miss if they were not installed. Active Park Assist is kind of useless; I never engage it. It has the party trick of the 3D Surround, but that is also weird and useless.
  9. Does Your Surround View Camera Work?

    Mine works exactly like the Porsche dealer demo (your first video). The SurroundView (just the top down view in the left) is one feature, and the SurroundView 3D comes with ParkAssist. Any chance you do not have ParkAssist enabled? Go to Vehicle - Assist - Assist System Settings - ParkAssist to...
  10. Steering wheel to control favorite stations

    Yes. Center screen with “Favorites” selected. Very suboptimal; different from other VW cars.
  11. Steering wheel to control favorite stations

    This has been discussed in multiple threads. Many would like to know. It appears that it is not possible.
  12. Taycan Turbo S Before-After Pics With Zyrus Carbon Fiber Parts

    Looks great! I am curious why you did not do the side skirts. The Zyrus side skirts looked to have a deeper paint drop toward the wheels than the Porsche design, but the Zyrus website uses a dark-colored vehicle to showcase the side skirts, making it difficult to tell what it really looks like.
  13. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    Yes. You're replacing the existing door light for one that has a small light projector at the bottom. I posted in an old post when I installed mine:
  14. Anyone Understand Wireless CarPlay and Wi-Fi?

    Makes sense that this functionality exists, but I've never understood why people would want to pay for this service.
  15. How do you disable trunk lid open/close tone?

    This was a question many asked very early on. Apparently, the only way that it can be disabled is by finding the device that makes the sound and cutting/disconnecting the wire.
  16. Anyone Understand Wireless CarPlay and Wi-Fi?

    The way Wireless CarPlay has been explained to me: Wireless CarPlay uses both the Bluetooth connection and a closed WiFi network to communicate with the phone. This allows both sufficient bandwidth for data exchange (WiFi) and sufficient control protocols to exchange commands with your phone...
  17. Buyer"s Remorse?

    I also got Innodrive, partly because it might be handy for long drives (which I do not really do) and partly because I generally like to encourage innovation when I buy things. Ironically, I often have to check my spec sheet whenever discussions of Innodrive come up because I don't ever use it...
  18. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    What is an example of an option that conflicts with the Premium Package?
  19. Sun visor clip not covered by warrantee?

    I should have added: When I complained, I offered to install/replace the piece myself if they would deliver the part. (The part in question for me was easily screwed back in.) It worked, largely because the reason the dealer did not want to claim coverage is because the manufacturer would not...