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  1. Pozuelo

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    You weren’t turned on or the option was unchecked ?:CWL:
  2. Pozuelo

    Mercedes Benz EQS vs Tayacn

    There goes my idea of maybe buying an EQS in the future. At least in Europe, it is way too big to fit in parking spots either on streets or most car parks. I had read somewhere it was going to be under 5 meters long. Maybe an EQE and if it comes to fruition in estate form, all the better.
  3. Pozuelo

    MY2022 wish list

    Me too... would order a Ct in guards red with HUD and black and guards red seat centers and everything else I already have on my Taycan Turbo S
  4. Pozuelo

    Satin Taycan Turbo S w/ forged 22" C113 wheels

    From what I can tell, the tires are not specific for electric cars. How do they compare to the originals in consumption, noise and harshness ?
  5. Pozuelo

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    One major improvement I noticed right away after picking up car after 2 days at the dealer: The map now has a plus and minus sign at the middle of the left margin to be able to get closer or further when viewing it. Before I had to pinch in or out, which was less user friendly. I still prefer...
  6. Pozuelo

    How many charge to 100%

    I charge to 85% but only when I reach a charge level of 40% or less, unless I know I may need more the next day. If going on a trip I set a timer to reach 100% at the time of departure.
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    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    Mine is awaiting update next Wednesday. Same happens on mine though.
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    Who wants to know exactly how much each front and rear PCCB weigh ?

    See the photos ... and look carefully for a minimum weight indication...
  9. Pozuelo

    Had a slow puncture today due to a long screw on one of my rear tires. Result: changed my four tires today !

    Administrator or somebody else that know how to rotate photos... please help.
  10. Pozuelo

    Had a slow puncture today due to a long screw on one of my rear tires. Result: changed my four tires today !

    I had ordered my Pirelli 21" summer tires a couple of months ago from my friendly corner tire store, as my fronts were nearing the tire indicator level. The rears probably had about 3 or 4k kms. in them. However, due to the flat and the fact the fronts were close to the limit, I decided to go...
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    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    Mine is MY2020. Sorry for not including before.
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    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    I suggest including model and wheel size in table. Thanks.
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    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    Turbo S 21" Mission E's with summer tires, 15,000 kms. Drive in normal most of the time., range mode very seldom on long trips when needed and sport mode often when on a winding mountain road with no traffic or to pass a slower vehicle. Sport Plus only for a few (4 times) aborted launch...
  14. Pozuelo

    Low ride height of the Taycan / ground clearance?

    From below, yes. From front no...
  15. Pozuelo

    Low ride height of the Taycan / ground clearance?

    I had the same feeling, until a couple of months ago, I decided to use the Sport suspension setup. While it is much firmer, and prevents most scrapes, you must still raise the suspension on speed bumps and large angle changes on driveways and similar. I noticed that on the normal height and...
  16. Pozuelo

    Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    Mine has just over 15k kms. My only problems were resolved quickly and were not at all impeding normal function. Twice the OTA module was replaced, which made the app non-functioning and the spoiler which after a couple of months was not flush. I was always given an appointment and a loaner...
  17. Pozuelo

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    I just spoke to my SA, in Spain. Porsche Iberica, the Posche subsidiary that distributes the brand for the whole country is currently testing their Taycan vehicles in their own fleet of loaners and management vehicles. After Easter, if all goes well, they will start updating cuatomer vehicles...
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    Weight: standard vs PCCB brakes

    To keep the tire external diameter equal, the width is wider for both tires and wheels, on larger diameter wheels. See
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    Weight: standard vs PCCB brakes

    You are making the wrong assumption that outside diameter of the 21” vs. the 20” is larger. You must look up the actual outside diameter of each, and not only do they vary by rim size (keeping in mind that the aspect ratio of sidewall vs. width is lower in the larger diameter, but even within...
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    to the limit

    Easy: can’t trust Google. Signed Apple fanboy and shareholder !