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  1. HerrCooles

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    Yes, the dealer says there is only one design. Only the front and back are different. Which I find terrible at the price. only with the aero are two and two
  2. HerrCooles

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    Oh, the car belongs to Dr. Dolittle. Now everything is clear.
  3. HerrCooles

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    yes that fits. I am surprised that it has hardly been noticed until now?!?
  4. HerrCooles

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    I've just dealt with the topic. I thought wrong rims were sold to me. 20-Zoll Taycan Tequipment Design. But there is only one side of this rim. So, on the other hand, the rims are visually wrong. wrong: :facepalm: (but they are not cheap)
  5. HerrCooles

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    How embarrassing - who fitted the wheels incorrectly?
  6. HerrCooles

    PDCC - worth it on a Cross T?

    The higher the center of gravity, the greater the difference. With the Panamera that was a difference, but with the Taycan it is rather modest. You clearly notice a difference in the extreme range. But only in the extreme range. Is the center of gravity higher in Cross Turismo? Then maybe it...
  7. HerrCooles

    Will charging door close automatically if you start driving?

    Press the button "open" and "close" at the same time a few seconds until the light on the key don't flash. The Comfort Access is deactivated until you press any button.
  8. HerrCooles

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    As always, it's a matter of taste. Personally, I don't like white. Always looks dirty when it's not freshly washed. Personally, I don't like silver. Is a grandpa color to me. Chalk is brownish. IGM is bluish. IGM looks white in the showroom. You can only look at it outdoors. I don't want...
  9. HerrCooles

    Taycan Q1 2021 Sales Numbers Hit New Heights

    Not yet, but he are already working on it at full speed.
  10. HerrCooles

    Taycan Q1 2021 Sales Numbers Hit New Heights

    That will turn again when the EV-Panamera is available.
  11. HerrCooles

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    The color looks much, much better outdoors than it does indoors. As others have written, the color is like a chameleon. And I know what I'm writing - I also have one in this color.
  12. HerrCooles

    Struggling Decision for Taycan RWD

    Personally, I feel safer with a 4WD. of course you don't need it all the time, but if you need it it could "save your life". If I don't have enough money for that, I would buy something else. Everyone has to decide for themselves. I don't buy a sports car if I want a low-consumption car?!?
  13. HerrCooles

    Fastest purchase of a US$ 270k Taycan 4S ever?

    It's all ridiculous. The guy already had the key, otherwise he couldn't start the car. All fake. No dealership leaves keys in the car.
  14. HerrCooles

    The perfect "milage"

    me too ...
  15. HerrCooles

    How many launch controls have you done in a Taycan

    Why "NONE" launch control? It is only an electronic control so that the car cannot be harmed. The car was built to can do that. There are certainly many other things that do more harm to the car. :facepalm:
  16. HerrCooles

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    The color is amazing. It is also light gray in sunlight. You will never see it as white. It only looks white indoors under artificial light. I am so happy with it.
  17. HerrCooles

    Tesla Model S Plaid+ on the website for configuration

    On the one hand there are electric cars and on the other hand Porsche with electric drive. That's the difference!
  18. HerrCooles

    Review our 4S build [Well, mine with input from Dad :p)

    Model Delete - My personal experience is that without model designation , I have more peace of mind from other drivers. Nobody knows which engine it is and they don´t challenge me.