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  1. kreshi

    Anyone with Burmester and/or the stock stereo mind testing this to see if you have interior rattle?

    So I tried your songs and at very loud levels with high base I might caught some rattle, but it's hard to tell. Music that consists of 95% base with volume that high won't make it into my life anyway, even if my door would rattle. I think this test, most cars wouldn't pass. There is a physical...
  2. kreshi

    Anyone with Burmester and/or the stock stereo mind testing this to see if you have interior rattle?

    I once started hearing a rattle while music with a lot of bass played. I got pretty scared. Then I checked my door and had some coins in there. I will try one of your songs though and see if that cracks my door panels out of place.
  3. kreshi

    I don’t have surround view!

    People complaining about false advertisement when Porsche sells 360 surround view and they don't have the 3D option. Sorry but this does not make any sense. 360 view is sold by literally all car makers and has been sold for years. From Mercedes A-Class to VW Polo, this is nothing new. Your...
  4. kreshi

    How are we pronouncing Taycan ?

    Tie Kahn
  5. kreshi

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    A couple of things. This is just my 2 cents. Please do not take this as an insult or attack. It's not meant to be anything like that. Upgrade problems: there have been reports in here of some problems, but this is nowhere near a huge issue with the update and recalls left and right. I also get...
  6. kreshi

    HELP me choose a color.

    DO NOT GET STANDARD BLACK! I got it. It is by far the worst paint I've ever experienced on a car. It is a nightmare...
  7. kreshi

    Darwin Award finalists, early 2021 leaders

    They put anyone on that road in fatal danger, so I agree with the others that I have almost no sympathy for them. I just feel bad for their families and friends. They have to suffer because of them. Hopefully this gets A LOT of media attention. Let people think bad of EVs, but at least people...
  8. kreshi

    2021 Chalk 4S w/ Ceramic Brakes Finally arrived!

    You're making me regret not picking chalk soooo much o_O It looks stunning! Enjoy it and hopefully many many stress free miles!
  9. kreshi

    Want "Auto" driving mode

    I'm sorry but while reading I thought this was a joke / troll post... "Then when I relax to go softer". You want the car do auto guess your mood of driving. Again I'm sorry but I have no idea what you are looking for. Sounds more like you need a taxi and not a car. Spoiler 1. "The adaptive...
  10. kreshi

    Tire pressure

    I just got the car not even a month ago. So I am on the standard summer tires that came with the car. I think in the next 1-2 weeks you should switch to summer. We should have proper spring weather by end of April (hopefully).
  11. kreshi

    Mercedes Benz EQS vs Tayacn

    I don't see why the EQS should be compared to the Taycan. Completely different cars. Like comparing the Mercedes S 500 to a 911 GTS, a Cruise Ship to a Speedboat, a Semi Truck to a GoKart... Jokes aside, it is a good looking luxurious EV with GREAT range. No harm in talking about it in here and...
  12. kreshi

    Tire pressure

    I went down to 2.8 now. What I gathered from others here it might be close to what Porsche thinks fits the Taycan. Another thing: why does the front need more pressure than the back? Isn't it with ICE that the weight of the engine demands that? I thought with the all wheel EV it should be even.
  13. kreshi

    Anyone used Tesla supercharger yet?

    I see Kort still going around with your great attitude. It has been rumored many times by Tesla insiders and hinted by Elon himself. When Elon visited Volkswagen in Germany, at the exact same time they had a "bug" that let other EVs charge at the superchargers. What a coincidence! Try being a...
  14. kreshi

    Anyone used Tesla supercharger yet?

    I've said it a while ago in the forum that my guess is that Tesla will open up their Superchargers. Some new infos are "leaking" that it might be becoming reality. Fingers crossed..
  15. kreshi

    Model 3 vs. Taycan Turbo S Track Race

    All I can say to that is: you did not buy the Taycan 4S because you want the fastest EV or car in general. There are so many more things to a car. Compare it even to a Model S P100D Raven, to the regular Taycan 4S. Yes you can accelerate quicker, but just walking up to the Taycan, taking the...
  16. kreshi

    Tire pressure

    44 PSI is 3.0 Bar. Why are you running higher pressure in the rear?
  17. kreshi

    Which extras you wouldn't order again

    I don't know if someone mentioned it already, but the Base Black paint - never again! My god it is so bad it's giving me headaches. It's not like people have not already warned about it not only with Porsche but with any car, but I was too optimistic. Just touching it with the tip of your finger...
  18. kreshi

    Tire pressure

    Thank you for your effort! The ride quality was fine for me but with the lower pressure it must get better 😅
  19. kreshi

    Tire pressure

    What did you end up with? 2.8? All 4? I'll go down to the car soon and see what the PCM says. By the way, I drove like this on the Autobahn at 260km/h. Now I have a feeling my tires were about to explode that day :( 😅