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  1. Center Cap removal

    I didn't order the caps because everything here was tax 115%( now 132%:no:)... I am just wondering for those that have seen it in person, does it make the car look much better? I have the turbo aero wheels on a Volcano Grey. I thought the mono ones are not as bad as I originally...
  2. J1 vs. PPE platform

    This makes more sense basically J1 is a niche to compete against the Model S...but then diesel gate happens, VW goes all in on EV, and then MEB and PPE was born?
  3. J1 vs. PPE platform

    Maybe Porsche did not compromise on the driving dynamics on the car, but there are so much cost cutting inside the car....The interior simply does not feel like a car at this price range (please do not compare it to a Tesla). Obviously, the accountant has as much say as the engineer in this...
  4. J1 vs. PPE platform

    Thanks for the info, but it seems like the PPE can be scaled to the size of a Taycan... obviously,there will be some compromises, but it doesn't make much sense to have a separate platform for such a low volume car...
  5. J1 vs. PPE platform

    Does anyone here know why VW let Porsche to develop the J1 platform? Are there any other cars that will be utilizing the J1 platform in the pipeline for the group? It seems like all the upcoming premium cars are going to be built on the PPE...What's the difference between the 2 platforms as...
  6. Is Android Auto Coming?

    I remember reading an article within the past week about a Porsche model (think Cayenne) getting a new PCM version with an interface similar to the Taycan. It mentioned the new PCM will be Android Auto compatible... I can't find that article anymore, but found this about the 2022 911...
  7. Charging speed not slowing down at 90% SOC when using a 50kwh DC charger.

    Porsche decided to remove connectivity for the cars in HK.
  8. Porsche admits “connect” broken

    Porsche Connect, a feature that was on the original spec sheet, was removed from all the cars for the Hong Kong market.....Rumor is that Porsche realized Porsche Connect doesn't work and decided not to create another mess. The first delivery here was only made back in 2H2020...
  9. Gentian blue vs. Volcano Grey Metallic

    I love the gentian blue, but I only saw it on a 911. I went with volcano grey over gentian blue just to hide all those ugly cheap plastic on my 4S.
  10. When you exit the car, do you "turn it off" or not? (POLL)

    I turn off my Taycan every time only to get my seat move back automatically for an easier exit.
  11. Contact Name not showing on Incoming Calls and Recent Numbers

    Is anyone here having the same issue? I have successfully paired my phones with the PCM, and all the names can be found through the contact list in the PCM. However, only the phone numbers but not the contact names are shown in the recent calls page and the notification dial when there is an...
  12. 4s won’t take 50kw charger

    Anyone else getting close to 50kwh too? It makes me feel very uncomfortable pushing so much juice into the battery at such high SOC.... you normally stop your CCS charge at 85% manually or you have tricks to make it stop at 85% automatically? Thanks!
  13. Porsche Taycan Beats Electric Cross-Country Cannonball Record

    Sorry, how do you precondition the battery for fast charging with sport chrono? Thanks!
  14. Charging speed not slowing down at 90% SOC when using a 50kwh DC charger.

    My Taycan did not come with Porsche Connect as promised. Does the app allow you to stop the charging remotely? Thanks!
  15. Charging speed not slowing down at 90% SOC when using a 50kwh DC charger.

    I don't have a home charger, so I have to take advantage of public charger.
  16. Charging speed not slowing down at 90% SOC when using a 50kwh DC charger.

    I tried again today and the car was still taking 47kwh at 89%...I was too worried to continue...
  17. Charging speed not slowing down at 90% SOC when using a 50kwh DC charger.

    Sorry, but seems like we are getting a bit off topic. Just want to know: 1) if anyone else are experiencing this issue? 2) It seems that the Car can actually communicate with a DC charger through the CCS plug...Is the charge rate determined by how much the charger is feeding the car or how...
  18. Whats your favourite dash layout ?

    I don't understand why Porsche cannot make all viewing options available to both side dial in the dash like a model S/X....I find the options in the left dial pretty useless.
  19. Charging speed not slowing down at 90% SOC when using a 50kwh DC charger.

    Is it normal? I have been getting 48kwh regularly in different DC charger after hitting 85%. When I super charge my Teslas, it always drop to below 20kwh after 80%. I don't want to damage my battery.... I have been monitoring my battery temperature, and it's around 31-2 degree Celsius...
  20. How to set to profile to only charge to 85%

    Can somebody tell me whether it is possible to limit my charge to 85% with a DC charger? My car does not have Porsche Connect.