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  1. dweeb

    Black emblem

    So I went by Suncoast Parts today hoping they’d have some stuff in stock (I know real hopeful). Of course most items are a few weeks out right now so I decided to plastidip my emblem for now while I wait for the gloss one I ordered to show up. It took about 2 hours as I took my time and wanted...
  2. dweeb

    Discount on 2021 off the lot

    Recently, end of April, I got 3.5% on 2021 RWD demo they had on the lot. It had just over 100 miles on it.
  3. dweeb

    Install Tomorrow 50amp - 14-50 Nema Upside down?

    Here’s my charger with the bend - for reference 😉 I’ll be picking up a cabinet too
  4. dweeb

    Custom Mod: Painted Front Bumper Vents on Taycan

    Nicely done! 🔥🔥🔥
  5. dweeb

    Delivery day!!! Volcano with satin PPF

    Absolutely F A N T A S T I C !
  6. dweeb

    Taycan Turbo S Before-After Pics With Zyrus Carbon Fiber Parts

    That wing tip is fire 🔥🔥🔥
  7. dweeb

    Some pics of my car - 2020 Carrera White Turbo S

    Amazing! It looks fantastic.