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  1. My Porsche & FOD

    Hi yes, under updates there are no updates to come down.
  2. Porsche Vehicle Tracking

  3. Porsche Vehicle Tracking

    Guys, for those of you who have a Uk taycan with PTVS what exactly is suppose to happen if it were driven without any of the two fobs? my Porsche connect is showing it is enabled but I don’t get anyone calling me or a message on the dashboard if I drive it without the fob. Separately I set a...
  4. My Porsche & FOD

    Thanks W1nge, that’s what I did yesterday. Only thing I haven’t done is to de-register it from the car. I have called Porsche who asked me to send them a photo. Let’s hope. David
  5. My Porsche & FOD

    Hi W1nge I’ve been trying to get all my apps on the pcm in the car. I’ve noticed that some of the green apps on my Porsche as seen on my phone such as NEWS, WEATHER ETC are not anywhere in the pcm? Am I missing something? Have I got to activate something. I’ve tried logging out of the pcm in the...
  6. My Porsche & FOD

    Hi W1nge Thanks for thorough explanation. I don’t have adaptive cruise; I have cruise control! But I have 25 services listed in green and 1 available which is the 9gb data package.
  7. All Season Tires now only option for Mission wheels on 4S

    Can anyone tell me what brand/model/type tyres I specifically need to change on my mission e 21” wheels to make them all season? I currently have P Zero 305/30 ZR21 104Y and P Zero 265/35 ZR21 101Y I assume these are summer tyres. I know my last panamera 21” turbo wheels had tyres tyres that...
  8. Software Update at the Porsche Center

    Hi guys Just reading your thread and realised my car has got a different version. It’s pcm version is higher - does that mean there is a newer version. Or am I looking at the wrong thing.
  9. Ionity Charging

    Thanks. Let’s see. So am I right in saying I need / should join a BP charging club!
  10. Wheel Trim protectors

    Mark, agreed ,same sentiment. its going to hurt when it does happen!. but i just bought alloys/tyre insurance anyway.
  11. My Porsche & FOD

    Hi All firstly soz for the blitz of posts, but i've tried searching and really need to know if something is wrong or am i just expecting something different. i've got a MY21 car and myporsche account shows a whole bunch of green services available when i look online using mobile app or pc...
  12. Ionity Charging

    Does anyone think Ionity has something against Essex ? where does one go if in life revolves around the area between Chelmsford and London City Airport areas
  13. CarPlay & phone getting hot

    Hi Kort yep, thats what i thought. i've had my first proper drive this morning. Got in the car and car play button popped up and all was ok. Is your phone getting hot after a drive when put in the wireless charging position?
  14. Wheel Trim protectors

    Hi guys I’ve got mission e 21” black gloss alloys. Anyone used or considered using these trims which there are many available? I know it goes against gospel putting black plastic on the wheels butlooking at the sales photos they kind of look ok? just wondered whether it works on this type of...
  15. CarPlay & phone getting hot

    Hi all On my new 4s, which I only got on Thursday, I have been using it with car play. I’ve been sent around the houses with advice about the whole CarPlay and CarPlay wireless! I am still not too sure but here goes when I sit in the car CarPlay activates and inter the CarPlay app on the pcm...
  16. CHALK Taycan Club

    Got my new car on Thursday. Amazing colour and turns so many heads! Wasn’t sure of the wheels but it makes the car!
  17. User Profiles, Keys & Seat Memory

    Hi Neighs I feel for you and having only got my car yesterday with no personal handover because of covid, I’ve already got wound up with the stupid connect app and the other my Porsche app with trying to work out why there are two and what they do and how the connection / pcm thing works...
  18. Taycan 4S Crayon with GT Ceramic

    Taycan 4S Crayon with GT Ceramic

  19. Taycan tracker

    thanks guys. i've got the app loaded and eagerly awaiting collection this thursday.