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  1. Porsche Tequipment Launches Performance Roof Box For Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo

    Some of us on the forum have been discussing this roof box and seems like Porsche posted some more details about it. Porsche Tequipment launches Performance roof box 05/05/2021 Everyday...
  2. How are we pronouncing Taycan ?

    Also, the reasoning behind the naming is described at:
  3. How are we pronouncing Taycan ?

    This should answer it ;)
  4. Cross Turismo Delivery Dates

    I've ordered mine a few weeks back. They claim that it might be a bit late because of the supply chain issues the industry faces with chips. My delivery date is expected to be early July. What are yours?
  5. Anyone used Tesla supercharger yet?

    Having some familiarity with wireless charging tech, I'm fairly confident that it won't be coming too soon to the automotive sector. The thermal losses are causing it to be quite inefficient (in the smartphone industry, losses are 25-50% based on models). You don't want to pay that much more per...
  6. Model 3 vs. Taycan Turbo S Track Race

    I would hope that to some extent the race outcome still partially depends on the driver's performance, rather than the car's. Not familiar with the All-Japan EV Grand Prix drivers though, so don't know if that explains it.
  7. Supply Chain Impact on Production

    Is Track Your Dream a US-only feature? My dealer in Switzerland has said there was no production tracking available for the Taycan (in my case Cross Turismo)
  8. Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    My understanding is that that would require new hardware for the link authentication.
  9. Rear bike rack mounts

    For what it's worth, the actual bike rack is going to be priced ~2000 CHF in Switzerland