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  1. thedoctor

    Taycan Turbo S Before-After Pics With Zyrus Carbon Fiber Parts

    Love the yellow! Can you post some more pics of the wing like from behind?
  2. thedoctor

    Broken rear screen

    When it bricked the service manager told me that the Taycan actually has 3 batteries. There is the 12v in the frunk. There are the big ones that power the car. And there’s one in the console that runs the electronics. That one had to be replaced. It took 2 weeks to get one from Stuttgart. So...
  3. thedoctor

    Broken rear screen

    It’s on. But not so functional.
  4. thedoctor

    Broken rear screen

    So the baseball direct impact shows the stellate pattern. I found some pictures of a bending glass break and it shows the parallelish glass break pattern,
  5. thedoctor

    Broken rear screen

    Yes, the climate control screen. The protective plastic is still on it. I’m not an accident re-creation expert, but as an orthopaedic surgeon, bone fractures have a certain pattern based on the mechanism of injury. A direct impact would have a stellate or star like pattern, like if a baseball...
  6. thedoctor

    Broken rear screen

    I think this is what happened. I had baby yoda sitting in the back. He wanted to go faster so he used the force to get the car into overboost. That may have overwhelmed the battery and cracked the screen.
  7. thedoctor

    Broken rear screen

    I had the dreaded dead 12 volt battery issue at about 300 miles of ownership. They had to tow the car in. Apparently there is a console battery that needed replacement when the car bricked. A few weeks after getting the car back, I had someone sit in the back seat for the first time. They...
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    Carbon fiber steering wheel cap
  9. thedoctor

    Vegan floor mats

    I bought my Taycan off the showroom floor. If I had spec’d my Taycan it I would have gotten any leather color but black to make it a little more luxurious looking. So I wanted to find ways to add a little contrast to the interior. I got these floor mats off eBay. China special. They are the...
  10. thedoctor

    Carbon fiber steering wheel cap

    I got this on Amazon for under $30. The carbon weave looks as good as the carbon mirrors I have. It’s held on with 3M double stick tape so it’s fully reversible. Not a bad value seeing as the interior carbon package I have is over $2000 and doesn’t even look that great because it’s dry carbon...
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    iPhone notification volume

    When you say lower the volume are you using the volume control on the phone? When I push volume down it just cancels the text alert.
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    Delivery day!!! Volcano with satin PPF

    Nice job! I can't imagine a better daily driver.
  13. thedoctor

    iPhone notification volume

    It was on my to do list to find out how to lower the text received volume. Now I know you can’t. Ugh.
  14. thedoctor

    My Stormtrooper, the personalisation.

    I ordered a diffuser from Amazon. I’ll use double stick tape until I’m sure I like it. I’m a fan of rear diffusers.
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    New Gentian Blue! Flawless and Beautiful!

    Two 600 hp+ cars. I didn’t really expect that in life. I have a friend with a murcielago and another with a mclaren 600LT. That made me consider an exotic car. It’s beautiful but I’ve put less than 1000 miles on it in 2 years bc it’s a point A to point A car. You can’t just drive to target and...
  16. thedoctor

    Dealing with the front license plate

    I noticed they even make a cover for the rear plate where a shade lifts up to hide your plate. I guess that's for when you need to do a drive by shooting. Or maybe just don't want to have a toll tag.
  17. thedoctor

    Tinting Windows

    . I had it done through Axel's in Lake Bluff. The owner, Nick Knauz, services all my german cars and even services my Huracan, since it's an Audi R8 inside. He has people that can do pretty much everything. I had PPF done by the dealer because I was paranoid about getting chipped before the...