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  1. cometguy

    TopGear Reviews the Taycan Cross Turismo

    It sounds as if a Sport Turismo version with lower ground clearance and no cladding will be coming soon, maybe MY2022. I personally want the higher clearance and don't mind the cladding; I'm more into functionality than exterior looks.
  2. cometguy

    Cross Turismo Delivery Dates

    I wonder if there'll be any of the usual port delays for entry into the USA...
  3. cometguy

    Doug Demuro impressed by Taycan Cross Turismo

    yep, I agree -- once Doug starts driving, there's no point in watching any longer, and his grading system is pretty useless. But his attention to details in quirks and features surpasses what most other reviewers do; Doug really spends time looking at the car closely for things that potential...
  4. cometguy

    TopGear Reviews the Taycan Cross Turismo

    What amazes me amongst all these YouTube reviews (and most of the online car-magazine reviews) is that the reviewers seem almost universally to prefer the Cross Turismo to the Taycan sedan... I know that the CT will outsell the sedan in Europe (as the Panamera ST does the Panamera sedan), but...
  5. cometguy

    What’s is the best colour for the cross turismo in your opinion?

    What I think looks best (i.e., cherry red, frozen blue, mamba green) is different from what I will choose (volcano grey), for various "practical" reasons...
  6. cometguy

    Roof rails or not

    Here in the US, you can't get the CT without the glass roof. I don't want roof rails with a glass roof -- too iffy and concerning to me (i.e., worries about scratching or breaking glass roof with things put on top -- and even without things on top). If a metal roof was an option in the US, I'd...
  7. cometguy

    Taycan as your only car?

    Not a very big sample yet on this thread, but what's here generally confirms my assessment from following numerous BEV forums: (1) Most BEV owners also own at least one other car with an ICE in it for road trips. (2) Most BEV owners who do not own another car with an ICE in it do not do road...
  8. cometguy

    Choice between two wheels

    I'm going with the standard 19-inch wheels, for better range, better safety, better ride, and to save money that I can spend on other options.
  9. cometguy

    4S CT Build Questions

    Like Dave says, get the 150-kW charger; it's really cheap compared to so many other options you have, anyway, and it gives you flexibility plus makes the care more attractive to future buyers. LKA isn't worth it, in my opinion, and neither is Innodrive; but get the ACC, as it will come in handy...
  10. cometguy


    CT4 definitely, with more of the options you want.. That's what I'm doing...
  11. cometguy

    Cross Turismo ground clearance - modes

    So my understanding is that the Cross Turismo is 2 cm higher (at normal ground clearance) than the Taycan sedan, meaning 12.8 cm + 2 cm = 14.8 cm (or 5.8 inches, vs. 5.0 inches for the sedan). The Off-Road package gives a standard extra clearance of 1 cm, so 15.8 cm (or 6.2 inches). I have...
  12. cometguy

    Why I'm trading in my 4S for a CT4.

    That's an outstanding trade-in figure. Usually there's much more first-year depreciation in these cars.
  13. cometguy

    Turismo aluminum roof vs. glass

    Porsche configurators are known for having lots of mistakes -- both in the printed information and in the photos. Very bad quality control there.... This has been going on for years. No excuse for this, as I've stated on Rennlist... When you're dealing with these kinds of prices, it's very...
  14. cometguy

    Why I'm trading in my 4S for a CT4.

    I'm with you, PanameraFrank... I think that the CT4 is the best Taycan value out there -- so much is standard in it, and it's more practical than a Taycan sedan, and I think it looks better than the sedan. I've always been waiting for the CT, and I'm pleasantly surprised that they're offering...
  15. cometguy

    Buy/Finance vs. Lease - Pros & Cons

    I did the math on a car this expensive and concluded that it makes no sense to lease -- much more money spent and much less flexibility. Financing interest rates are so low right now, and it's just nicer to know that the car I'm driving is mine (and not a rental car, which is what a leased car...
  16. cometguy

    Sport Turismo might still be coming?

    Your "spy" photos posted above, widely circulated previously, are the same car as the CT, just perhaps minus the black trim bits... So what you want is the CT at the lower (Taycan sedan) ground clearance and without the black trim, it appears, and you'd call that a ST... It should be easy...
  17. cometguy

    Taycan Cross Turismo

    And on US configurator, also. I'm surprised that the offroad package only gives 10mm more ground clearance, according to that item on the configurator for the CT... Two reviewers had said it would be 30mm extra ground clearance.
  18. cometguy

    Taycan Cross Turismo Journalist Walkarounds and First Drive Videos

    I like to do cross-country trips in my four-door Porsches, visiting and exploring state and national parks/forests. You often run into gravel or dirt roads in such areas (which can get muddy, yes, but are usually dry when I am doing my trekking, by design). I was rather limited in my Panamera...
  19. cometguy

    Taycan Cross Turismo Journalist Walkarounds and First Drive Videos

    There is no such thing as a "Panamera Cross Turismo". Nor will there be a "Taycan Sport Tursimo", I'll wager -- despite what the other commenter (Guyneutron) said above from his local Porsche dealer. Rumors about a legitimate "Taycan Sport Turismo" would have been hard to suppress by now in...
  20. cometguy

    Taycan Cross Turismo pre-production test drive!

    So now we know: the ground clearance of the Cross Turismo is only 2 cm higher than that of the Taycan sedan (and it can be raised an additional 3 cm with the air suspension, probably only for < 19 mph or 30 km/hr, like with the Panamera)... As the Taycan has a ground clearance of 12.8 cm, this...