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  1. jvincent

    The ship delivering my Taycan is aesthetically unappealing and has a sissy-sounding name.

    These threads always remind me of the first time I ever ordered a car new from the factory. My ship was the Tricolor. Here she is, resting gently on the bottom of the English Channel. Delivery was significantly delayed. 🙂
  2. jvincent

    CT video, including launch on gravel

    I've been wondering if the UK configurator shows the pano roof without rails accurately (US configurator shows neither pano nor rails). Car in this review has that setup. Looks clean.
  3. jvincent

    Doug Demuro impressed by Taycan Cross Turismo

    A better blue and infinitely better reviewers: The Late Brake Show
  4. jvincent

    CT video, including launch on gravel

    Well produced review and OMG Neptune Blue gorgeousness!
  5. jvincent

    What's the range hit on 21" wheels vs 20"s?

    Scroll down a bit on this page and you can compare scenarios: Range indicator I load it in Chrome and use the auto translation. 21" wheels on the CT reduce range by about 4.3% versus 20" or 19". Based on 20°C and 20/40/20 city/rural/highway.
  6. jvincent

    A thought about Porsche pricing

    I also have an e-tron GT on order. Configuring that car in the US is truly infuriating. Any way I spec the car I'll end up not getting things I want, settling for things that I don't love, and being saddled with things I don't need. This is decidedly NOT the way to sell a $120K vehicle. Porsche...
  7. jvincent

    Which wheels with Dolomite Silver or Jet Black Metallic?

    Option 4A (Dolomite Silver w/ Cross Turismo Design Wheels)? IMHO, the 21's are the only option with this model. The 20's look fine on the other Taycan's, but not on the Cross Turismo. I've backed out of my 2021 order, but will be back for the 2022. I'm going Dolomite with the Cross Turismo...
  8. jvincent

    MY2022 wish list

    My Audi e-tron has them. I'm hoping for wireless Android Auto in the 2022's.
  9. jvincent

    Roof rails or not

    I've decided against the rails, but the look without is kinda unfinished on the configurator. What's up with these mounting holes? I'd rather have the rails than these holes with plugs. Hoping it's just a glitch in the configurator.
  10. jvincent

    Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    I don't really want 21's, but IMO the Cross Turismo almost demands them. Maybe it's the black wheel arches, but the 20's look smaller than they do on the regular Taycan.
  11. jvincent

    Cherry popped! Just ordered my 4S Cross Turismo!!

    Apologies. I see now you are speccing a 4S. I'm looking at the 4 and the window frames, like the Taycan RWD, are black as standard. Gloss black is an option.
  12. jvincent

    Cherry popped! Just ordered my 4S Cross Turismo!!

    Love it! My order is similar, but Chalk. Trying to match up all the black bits on the exterior is a guessing game. I did the same as you, except didn't go with the glossy window frames. I figured the base frames would match the aluminum rails. Any insight on that?
  13. jvincent

    What’s is the best colour for the cross turismo in your opinion?

    Just throwing this out there for discussion. Frozen Blue over Chalk interior. Kinda like.
  14. jvincent

    Base interior vs all leather

    Please, please post pics and a review. I have yet to see it and would like to consider it.
  15. jvincent

    Roof rails or not

    That is indeed the case. Selecting roof rails adds pano roof.
  16. jvincent

    Roof rails or not

    She should just fit in the Cross Turismo. They are wonderful animals.
  17. jvincent

    Base interior vs all leather

    Also Bay Area, also e-tron, and also Sadie. Cross Turismo due around late August.
  18. jvincent

    Base interior vs all leather

    As you can see, big dog and base leather/leatherette in my Cayenne was no issue. Perforated surfaces were fine and scratch marks weren't an issue. "Better", softer leather in my Audi e-tron not as dog friendly. My Cross Turismo will have base leather because it's the least leather short of the...
  19. jvincent

    Roof rails or not

    I would rather mount cross bars like the regular Taycan offers. Anyone know if they will be available for the Cross Turismo? Looks like mounting points are there: