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  1. Taycan24

    Taycan Turbo S Before-After Pics With Zyrus Carbon Fiber Parts

    ^in case anybody wanted the US prices. Also, as expected, these fit the RWD, they just haven’t updated their site. I’ll be grabbing a rear-wing lip for mine
  2. Taycan24

    Taycan Turbo S Before-After Pics With Zyrus Carbon Fiber Parts

    Awesome! Very interested in a wing tip. Do they list prices to all these items online anywhere?
  3. Taycan24

    Taycan Bose vs Tesla Premium Audio

    Thanks. I’m still 2 months from delivery but have lowered my expectations of the Bose. I as well I’m curious what standard sounds like, as I thought Bose sounded very “standard” at the dealer
  4. Taycan24

    What do you think of my RWD build?

    It’s actually my understanding we need KM2 to be able to charge at Tesla Supercharger speeds at the Electrify America Chargers. I originally didn’t have the box checked, and then after reading around on this forum checked it when I added to my build after my freeze point (that’s another story)...
  5. Taycan24

    What do you think of my RWD build?

    Heated Front Seats come standard, so the box you checked is for heated rears in addition. I missed that the first time around and then unchecked the box once somebody pointed it out. I have a fairly basic build as well but opted against Air Suspension & Rear wheel steering after scouring this...
  6. Taycan24

    Wrong interior

    I was back and forth between Slate Grey & Black before seeing them in person and def thought the Black was closer to a dark grey in the light. And Slate was a fairly light grey, which made my decision easy (went with black) although I thought the Slate looked great as well. Curious what...
  7. Taycan24

    HELP me choose a color.

    Out of the listed colors I’d say Ice Grey. But if paying for a premium color I think Chalk stands above all in person. Seen it at the dealer on a Taycan with Mission E’s in Gloss Black - stunning. Mine (due in July) is Carrera White w/ Mission E’s in body color and I’m stoked for that as well...
  8. Taycan24

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    As a Cornell Alum (like Bill Nye) and future Taycan owner - I approve these messages
  9. Taycan24

    Porsche Vehicle Service Protection--Has Anyone Bought It?

    #bump ...I’m curious as well. Anybody bought it? Cost? Also, I read you can buy at anytime while car is still under manufacturers warranty...anybody know if the cost is the same/similar if we decide to buy later? ...I figure I’ll know for sure by year 3.5 whether I’ll want to keep the car for 4...
  10. Taycan24

    Poll: With or Without Electric Badge

    Didn’t spec with the order but starting to consider getting from Suncoast after delivery. Just curious what others think
  11. Taycan24

    Configuration Changes After Freeze Point?

    Lastly, to wrap this thread up in case anybody in the future is wondering about changes after Freeze dates. Dealer got back to me within an hour to review and approve changes - so looks like it’s very possible up to Production date, especially if increasing the price of the car. Now, how long...
  12. Taycan24

    Configuration Changes After Freeze Point?

    Just the motivation I needed, everybody. Thanks. Just sent a note to the dealer and was sure to emphasize the increased overall cost and that I’m perfectly good if it causes extra delays. They got back to me right away and said they would see what they could do and let me know.
  13. Taycan24

    Configuration Changes After Freeze Point?

    I realize that the answer here should be a hard “No,” as that’s literally the point of the freeze date. But, figured I’d ask if anybody has had success trying to make a change/upgrade after their freeze date but before production starts? The Mission E’s are calling my name but I froze on 3/31...
  14. Taycan24

    Nick Murray Taycan Base review

    Made me feel better about my lightly optioned RWD purchase. But then again, let’s be honest, I’d be getting a heavily optioned Turbo S if I could afford it. kind of wished I had researched Torque Vectoring, though. And I agree on not picking a boring color on a Porsche...but the wife on the...
  15. Taycan24

    New car polish and coating

    sad to see this much correction needed on a brand new Porsche, but it is what it is. I have a black (non-metallic) schedule to arrive in a few months so I guess I better start getting quotes for paint correction/coatings :-(
  16. Taycan24

    Taycan Bose vs Tesla Premium Audio

    Personally, I thought the Tesla Premium Audio was really good. So I was excited to find the specs on Bose indicated it may be even better, but I wasn’t really able to test it out at the dealership because I couldn’t get my Bluetooth to connect to the car...and on the FM radio it sounded less...
  17. Taycan24

    Anyone plan to keep their taycan long term (8+ years)?

    When I bought my 2013 P85+ Model S Cert Pre-Owned 4 years ago I thought I would have it 10+ years easy. Then TWO battery failures later (Yes, two) I knew I had to let it go before the 8-year battery warranty was up. Luckily, the base Taycan came around at perfect timing, and while I do not take...
  18. Taycan24

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    Thank you! Funny thing is I asked about this at the dealer and was told on this Base Taycan no heated seats included but “99% of people are checking the box to include.” Shame on me for not double checking the standard equipment list. unchecked the box and also did away with the heated steering...
  19. Taycan24

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    Heated front & rear came as a package (else I would have just got front). Two toddlers who do lots of kicking & whatnot are why I decided to grab the mats
  20. Taycan24

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    Lock day 2 days away, but I’m done at this point. Standard Taycan which I was trying to keep under $90k, but I still failed by $800. Def loved Chalk with Mission E’s in body color...but couldn’t make it work considering mandatory brakes upgrade. Also would have liked air suspension, adaptive...