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  1. jheard

    BOSE: reduced luggage compartment volume

    I have the Bose and think it only gives you a deeper under boot floor storage area, but its fine for my type 2 cable. Not sure you would notice it much to be honest. I can still get 2 golf carry bags in mine and 2 sets of big golf bags and trollies with rear seats down
  2. jheard

    Trip report from Stuttgart Germany to Zürich Switzerland

    Fantastic! thanks for sharing. Would you mind me sharing this on the UK FB Taycan group?
  3. jheard

    How would you spec differently next time?

    I haven't driven car with PDCC. Is it that different? would you notice it in day to day driving ?
  4. jheard

    How would you spec differently next time?

    The diamond button on steering wheel turns sport sound on and off, if you set it that way
  5. jheard

    FOD only for MY21! Really!?

    Yes same, I would like this as an FOD option
  6. jheard

    FOD only for MY21! Really!?

    I have innodrive and active lane keeping as well as the data package as FOD options in My Porsche MY21
  7. jheard

    Don’t curb the wheels!!

    Yes they can be repaired. My dealer confirmed they have refurbed a few on their demo cars 👍
  8. jheard

    Review our 4S build [Well, mine with input from Dad :p)

    This is the best reply I have seen but add electric sport sound. It’s addictive and you will regret it if you don’t as you can’t add it later
  9. jheard

    S/W Update

    Heard about the 12v issue but I use timer and profile and change it regularly from the app and keep car plugged in and never had a problem. Not sure why some cars have and some haven’t. It means the car is going to sleep after being woken by the app but some cars are clearly not and draining 12v...
  10. jheard

    Not impressed real world test. Battery issues or just marketing lies?

    2 ways. At home on AC charging. Use the preheat / precool button in the car or app and set to your departure / end of charging time. This will warm the main battery as well a little for your departure time and will give you more range. For rapid DC charging set sat nav to the IONITY station and...
  11. jheard

    brand new Taycan Turbo - creases on seat bolster ok?

    They do crease but not until someone has sat in it a few times and definitely not like that, if the sales guy doesn’t rectify to as new with no creases I would escalate to dealer principal. Which dealership is this ?
  12. jheard

    Advice on spec for a first-time buyer

    Agree with all of above, great advice on options although I prefer the 14 way seats personally
  13. jheard

    Hello everyone

    Mode 3 is type 2 so cable will work with type 2 chargers
  14. jheard

    22kW on-board AC charger - Is it needed in the UK

    Bottom line the costs of installing 3 phase are rarely worth it at home on the basis that most people charge between 20% and 90% overnight and 7kw charging will happily do this overnight. 3 phase might be fully charged by 3am rather than 6am but unless you want it fully charged while your still...
  15. jheard

    22kW on-board AC charger - Is it needed in the UK

    Because the Taycan will only charge at maximum of 11Kw, the charger Sorry I was referring to current models without fast on board charger. Yes of course it will charge faster if you have 3 phase at home and the 22kw charger on board 👍
  16. jheard

    22kW on-board AC charger - Is it needed in the UK

    Yes Tesla wall connector works fine with any EV, I use mine to charge the Taycan. If you have 3 phase at home then 22kw will give you a faster charging speed but if you have single phase then no point. Other than you will get 11kw on faster AC chargers as the Taycan will not charge at 22kw anyway
  17. jheard

    22kW on-board AC charger - Is it needed in the UK

    You can only get 22kw with 3 phase at home and the Taycan will not charge at that speed anyway so not worth it
  18. jheard

    Windshield crack

    Interesting Tesla say the cameras need to be realigned as well but they actually don't they will recalibrate themselves on that car.
  19. jheard

    PCP or HP or LEASE

    PCP using Porsche or VWFS. Higher residual / Balloon than any other finance company I looked at. I won't keep the car till the end of the PCP and will trade it in as will never pay the balloon. Last car, not a Porsche would of cost me a lot more in depreciation if I had HP or bought outright...
  20. jheard

    New clarification from Porsche on Long Term Storage - with a bonus

    Thanks for sharing. This is not surprising any EV will do this if left for long term without being charged and you keep waking the car up. My Tesla would be exactly the same if you keep waking the car from the app. The key here is long term storage, I don't see this as an issue