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  1. Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    thanks so much for this!!
  2. Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    it definitely helps thanks :). In your opinion does it look better with or without? I know it’s subjective... haha
  3. CHALK Taycan Club

    Not sure if this is the right thread - but wondering if anyone has photos of the colour matching chalk interior trim (ideally with the chalk leather option?) Finalizing a chalk on chalk build!
  4. Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    How did the roof rails look? Any more photos? I keep going back and forth on adding/removing them on my build!
  5. Just about to order Cross Turismo

    Looks great!! I have a very similar build (but in Chalk) I don’t think you need the 19.2kw adapter (it also disables plug and charge... which is the main difference between MY21 and MY20!) Did you get an allocation yet / estimated delivery?
  6. 4S CT Build Questions

    HI everyone, Long time lurker - but finally looking to put in an order for a 4s Cross Turismo! I had a couple of questions on the build (and would love any feedback on anything that might be missing or over-spec’ed) - Thermally insulated glass: is it worth it... it seems relatively divided on...

  8. Cross Turismo Canada Availability

    HI Everyone! Long time lurker... Just put a deposit down for a CT 4s - though it looks like none of the dealers in my area (GTA) have allocations. Sounds like it might be a long wait until MY22 (November / December delivery). Has anyone heard otherwise? Here's my build (super excited!)...