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  1. Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    I wish i had my 911!!!!! it worked properly and did not have to mess with the software issues DONT do it You tell me how how you want in your large and we will make a deal if you really want the taycan
  2. Home energy manager

    i will buyout if it is available —
  3. 21" OEM Pirelli Tires - New Takeoffs - complete set

    700 bucks i will take it ship to 31820 nelsonmanha at
  4. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    I do not blame you brother. If someone comes up with a decent offer I am ready for the car to go away . all the excitement and joy is gone from this car…..( i like the way the car drives and the livability but it is like i have a mcallen( always broken but beautiful to look at it)
  5. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Hope so!!!!! They do need to fix the customer service for the connect services!!!!!! it is just not compatible with a brand like that. I don t understand how tesla can make that happen and VW group cannot. just hire some tesla Infotainment people
  6. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    the car went to the dealer Sunday night ….. still no update complete. I called the dealer after multiple calls and no way to speak with someone the advisor said the steering wheel controls are not functional and they do not know why (they have a tech line ticket)l - very disappointed, I bought...
  7. Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    show us a couple of pictures of the new screens
  8. Service activation and Connect issues

    I took to the dealer here in alabama great people always willing to help . The tech ordered a new OTA module but no eta on the arrival…. who knows i will let you know if they fix the issue
  9. Porsche admits “connect” broken

    Took the car to the dealer and feb 1 2021 multiple software updates about 4 hours total and they are ordering a new oat module ..
  10. Service activation and Connect issues

    You let me know if you hear about a lawsuit. I am ready to jump in with that!!! I am tired of the BS from customer care - the guy had to guts to tell me it was a problem with the XM service!!!!! ( I cannot log in to my car so everytime i have to accept the connected services and wait to...
  11. Porsche admits “connect” broken

    Having the same issue where the app does not communicate with the car- no status update, charging . I contacted customer care and they asked me to reset the ppm.. I did that ( big mistake) now the system every time i get in the car asks all kind of questions about using online services...
  12. Another word as Taycan lettering on the tailgate

    I want to find someone that can print a emblem that says Mission E 4s . I think that would look pretty cool
  13. For sale: metallic black Taycan 4s (7600 miles on it) 106K

    I have a nice metallic black taycan 4 s (7600 miles on it) I purchased back on Nov 19) trying to sell the car ASAP I put ceramic coating and ceramic tint on the car. looks and feels new. make an offer i can send you the vin if interested 106K