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  1. Anyone used Tesla supercharger yet?

    EA was set up as part of the Dieselgate settlement. The settlement stipulates, that EA must not give special treatment to VAG. It's run at arm's length from the rest of the group.
  2. Anyone used Tesla supercharger yet?

    It already happened (Tesla fixed the bug, though). Taycan at 10:45:
  3. MY2021 Software update in the US- Porsche NA email...

    The current Taycan (and its sibling, the Audi e-tron GT) is built on the J1 platform. PPE stands for Premium Platform Electric and is the next generation platform jointly developed with Audi. It will debut in next year's Porsche Macan. As I understand it, the current generation Taycan will not...
  4. MY2021 Software update in the US- Porsche NA email...

    Has to do with the computing architecture. Tesla started with a clean slate and designed the system from the ground up to be OTA capable. VAG did the same thing for the MEB based vehicles (ICAS based). For Porsche this will arrive with the PPE based cars, e.g. the Macan EV.
  5. BMW i4

    My post was about the iX3 vs iX.
  6. BMW i4

    The iX3 is not the same as the iX...
  7. BMW i4

    I too find the big grille really ugly on the white model, but it doesn't look that bad on a darker color where it blends in (here is an iX):
  8. BMW i4

    It looks much better on a darker color. In white it's just obnoxious, IMHO.
  9. BMW i4

  10. Porsche will get its own charging network in Europe!

    This was rumored already as part of Audi's Artemis project:
  11. Production Mercedes EQS with little camo

  12. Interview with Porsche CEO Blume: Porsche always had a global market share of around 0.3 per cent
  13. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    US prices are before taxes. In Europe you have to multiply with your applicable VAT rate (21% in Belgium). Because the €/$ rate and the VAT cancel each other out, you end up with the same headline number: €80K.
  14. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    Updated with enhanced image showing more details:
  15. Catastrophic PCM failure and other tech issues

    The Taycan uses VW Group's MIB3 infotainment system.
  16. Taycan vs. Fiat Panda 4x4 😂