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  1. JD4S

    Rear spoiler will not reposition itself

    Mine did the same after a car wash which seemed odd. This might sound simple (and maybe not related to the other weather issue) but I was able to get it to retract by just holding the retract button down on the upper screen and I could hear it moving to different positions. Try holding the...
  2. JD4S

    Lane Change Assist is gone

    Well - I had to go check my wheels after I saw that post as well.
  3. JD4S

    Lane Change Assist is gone

    James, showing you my config. 1) Go to Vehicle icon; Assist tab and you can see from the check boxes that mine is set and working. 2) To adjust brightness, go to Home icon; Settings; Assistance Systems; Lane Change Assist and you can adjust accordingly (I keep mine on high which is...
  4. JD4S

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    I thought I was detailed oriented but Herr....impressive!
  5. JD4S

    Bill Nye The Taycan Guy

    Safe! But then again, customization definition is "a modification made to something to suit a particular individual or task" - With my OCD issues, I'm just glad they are on the right way...I think
  6. JD4S

    The air conditioning of your vehicle has been completed.

    I was having the same issue on approach and charging. I went into the PCM Climate Function and turned it off.
  7. JD4S

    Suntek paint protection film (PPF) applied

    I have garage envy! And the wrap looking very cool -
  8. JD4S

    Poll: With or without Taycan badge?

    Without - only have front badge and Porsche on back. I like the super clean look.
  9. JD4S

    Maps and Radio take 30 seconds to load after turning the car on

    Same issue. Started about 2 weeks ago and not consistent on MY20. Scheduled for software update at dealer first week in May.
  10. JD4S

    Battery Health Tips

    Question for you Mazithra - on my charging profile I only have the option for a minimum (no max option or stop time) charge which is set to 85%. Is there another setting for this that anyone uses or does this come from options on the home energy mgr? We just received our 4s last month and just...