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  1. boyko23

    brand new Taycan Turbo - creases on seat bolster ok?

    That car most probably has been demo vehicle. Many car seats look the same or worse after 10 days of motorshow event for example... And hundreds of visitors...
  2. boyko23

    Quality Check

    Wondering, whether someone else have these issues...
  3. boyko23

    VIDEO: 16 Staff Reactions to Porsche Taycan Acceleration!

    I think he took it two days ago... :)
  4. boyko23

    Small scratches problem

    Blue cars are nightmare in that regard...
  5. boyko23

    Long wait - Long drive - 4S shows what a fantastic car it truly is.

    I was also surprised how good the I-Pace was. Fast even in the upper range, agile enough, even the sound was pleasant... Only downside were the brakes - strange and awful, imv!
  6. boyko23

    Limited Edition Taycan metal design sketch for depositors!

    If someone is gonna throw it, I would take it with a lot of appreciation. I'm a huge fan and collect such Porsche "memories"...
  7. boyko23

    User manual for Taycan

    Guys, Taycan is finally available in Europe. Enjoy!
  8. boyko23

    Video: Full Taycan Turbo S Driving Review Segment From Top Gear. Chris Harris: “I LOVE IT!”

    If someone wants the whole episode in HD, please PM me... :angel:
  9. boyko23

    Drove Home My Taycan Turbo S! First to Roll off Dealer's Lot.

    Lol, Santiago is a nice guy, obviously... :)
  10. boyko23

    EPA Taycan Turbo

    To be fair that 500km range was for the Mission E as a concept. Turbo and Turbo S are the top dogs, but just firstly released. 4S is already at 450km and I'm sure that other models will come with 500ish km. range. No lie for me here...
  11. boyko23

    2020 Porsche Taycan: Official Specs, Info, Wallpapers, Videos

    Actually, it looks much better than 992...