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  1. XLR82XS

    PPF v PPS consensus people

    PPS? Xpel site will show PPF installers in your area. I have a PHENOMENAL installer in Naples if you're willing to make the drive. He'll have my car when it arrives in June.
  2. XLR82XS

    Did you order the “Electric” emblem

    12V in console at least. (in addition to USB-C)
  3. XLR82XS

    Did you order the “Electric” emblem

    It's ~$60 to get it if someone wants it after the sale. Free when ordered new.
  4. XLR82XS

    Taycan Bose vs Tesla Premium Audio

    Standard not great. I had premium audio w/sub in a Tesla and it was good for what it was. Bose in Taycan has the edge especially when operating a max/near max volume.
  5. XLR82XS

    Did you order the “Electric” emblem

    No. Looks cleaner without it + I de-badge my cars anyway. Ordered my RWD with model designation delete. I did order the zero cost smoking package - gotta love the cool ashtray and 12V! :cool:
  6. XLR82XS

    Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    They did 2 tests. The videos show what wheels the cars had. 1 had base 19" and one 20".
  7. XLR82XS

    Black emblem

    Nice. FWIW I planned to pickup some parts at Suncoast while there for a friends GT3RS delivery. They charge $4.50 for pickup - told me it was better to order online for best pricing and shipping. (My last order shipped free)
  8. XLR82XS

    Finally on the Boat

    It's probably on the Confucius with mine. 4/1 order - left the port 5/7. From December to now seems like a long time to get yours.
  9. XLR82XS

    Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    I'm looking forward to testing highway range. I have a great change in S. Florida climate and flat land. (RWD P+ battery)
  10. XLR82XS

    Switching from Telsa Model S to Taycan 4S. Feedback from anyone who has done this?!

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to communicate to a service center. I read complaints online but didn't think it could be that hard until I owned one. Yikes.... :facepalm:
  11. XLR82XS

    First official Macan BEV photos

    Have to look beyond the camo. Looks like taillights will be similar to current Macan.
  12. XLR82XS

    Good to Know app

    I don't think it matters. They're the same.
  13. XLR82XS

    Just got my Taycan :)

    Agreed. Air for me was a must.
  14. XLR82XS

    My 2020 4S MSRP $149k, loaner 2020 4S MSRP $113k. My opinion on what options are really important after driving a stripper 4S for a few days.

    Full leather absolutely worth the upgrade. Sports chrono as well. Both specified on my RWD build.
  15. XLR82XS

    Is this gap around your door sills normal? (Black aluminum if you care)

    At least you have a sill plate. I had a 2020 Tesla that left the factory without the driver side plate installed! :swear:
  16. XLR82XS

    Just ordered my RWD!!

    Yep, Seim. Yes I'm in Naples.
  17. XLR82XS

    Just ordered my RWD!!

    VIN is listed in the 'discover current phase' page. Maybe your car was waiting for Siem Confucious. Boat arrived at port 5/5 06:57 UTC. It was docked in Jacksonville on 4/20. Looks like I got lucky and my car was built and delivered to the port at the right time.
  18. XLR82XS

    Taycan vs Competitors Chart

    I'd be happy to perform range tests for 90F+ temps and 80+mph. I drive fast and south Florida summer is almost here. MY car arriving in June.