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  1. Satin Taycan Turbo S w/ forged 22" C113 wheels

    Wheels are the best I've seen, may I ask, if you don't mind. What was the total cost including tyres?
  2. Center Wheel Caps

    call these guys, will be much cheaper -
  3. Looking to buy Mission E Alloy Wheels from anyone in the UK

    I currently own the 20 inch Aero wheels and looking to upgrade and buy the Mission E wheels, please get in touch if you are looking to sell or interested in buying mine. Cheers Alex
  4. Electrical system error -- dashboard notification -- anyone else experience this? -- resolution - defective 12v battery

    Hi Guys, My Taycan 4s done around 2000 miles and received the Red Electrical System Fault Error around 3 weeks back. The issue occurred after my car was left overnight on AC charge. When I came to drive the car it wouldn't start. Porsche have had the car for the last two weeks and delivered my...
  5. Experience with 22" inch wheels on Taycan?

    Wheels look amazing, do all Vossen wheels fit the Taycan or just these?