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  1. Just got my Taycan :)

    Knightrider ! Congrats
  2. Choice between two wheels

    I really like those aero wheels but i ended up going with the TC design in vesuve color ... hoping it will go ok with grey dolomite
  3. Choice between two wheels

    Yes absolutely 3:15 you will see the turbo aero wheels that go great with dolomite grey CT
  4. High Gloss Black Inlays for Dolomite Silver CT 4 / 4S?

    Nice spec ! I also ordered a Dolomite CT but went for the vesuve grey inlays to match the vesuve grey wheels ;)
  5. Cross Turismo 4 or 4S? Crayon or Dolomite?

    Sure is ... strangely i prefer mat plastic than glossy
  6. Which wheels with Dolomite Silver or Jet Black Metallic?

    I ordered Dolomite with 4A but wheel painted in grey. I had first specd mine with Turbo wheels as in 2A but the black inside is too glossy black (saw it on pictures in instagram)
  7. Cross Turismo 4 or 4S? Crayon or Dolomite?

    I know looks unreal... mine Coming in july too !!!
  8. Cross Turismo 4 or 4S? Crayon or Dolomite?

    Finally a picture of a dolomite CT
  9. Taycan Cross Turismo Plastic Wheelarches Options

    plastic arche wheels don't really look that bad especially with the off road package as same color as wheels (vesuvious grey). Looks pretty nice on this video.
  10. Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    Just called my dealer to change wheels to these ! Delivery expected July 16th.
  11. Cross Turismo at dealership ?

    When do you think we will get to see CT arrive at dealerships ? I know my local rep is expecting its first delivery in june (mine in July). Anybody in May ? I'm impatient to see new pics/videos with different colors... especially in volcano grey and dolomite silver.
  12. Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    My favorite too. I went for the 20 Aero for a little more range but I have to agree they look amazing.
  13. Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    Were the plastic flaps silver, grey vesuve or black ? IMO flaps suit the car perfectly as it gives it a rugged look. ;)
  14. Inspected the Taycan Cross Turismo live - my impressions

    I currently have a Macan which I am replacing with the CT. Seats folded i would say space is reduced by 20% in comparison with the Macan. Not that much. On the other hand longer objects such as surf boards will fit better due to the extra length.
  15. Taycan 4S vs. Turbo: Wham

    Isn’t the 4S with the performance plus battery a little faster than the regular 4s and thus the gap with the turbo slightly less ?
  16. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    I went for the pano roof with the CT in order. Can’t wait !!!
  17. Tesla Model Y vs. Porsche Taycan: Real-World Range Test - Edmunds

    Edmund’s figures don’t surprise me than much. My brother takes his 4s as far as 290 miles driving pretty normally in 70F weather. the 4s does have a better range than the turbo
  18. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Wow... that is probably the best dolomite picture i’ve seen. I’m definitely sticking with that color for my order. Enjoy
  19. 4S volcano grey dropped at dealer - DELIVERY UPDATE

    Beautiful ! Now i’m having seconds thoughts on my dolomite order arghhh