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  1. TK-421

    After 1200 miles, what I love and what I wouldn't configure

    Bottom of the steering wheel at 6 o’clock. Weird that your panoramic roof gets hot. I’m in Florida and mine has barely any heat only a couple inches away and only a small amount when touching it.
  2. TK-421

    Taycan Turbo S Races Mclaren P1

    Weight is a giant factor in the Taycan. A race version of this car, such as a GT2RS, or a race ONLY version such as the Sesto Elemento with none of the safety items adding weight, race seats, no sound proofing, creature comforts, etc.. would be mental. Dropping 500lbs, adding lightweight racing...
  3. TK-421

    SportDesign Package

    Really like it on mine. I actually like the fact that it’s not much. IMO it’s just enough.
  4. TK-421

    Issues with car post WLG2 Campaign software updates and 12v battery

    Picked it up this afternoon. Drove around for 25 miles, with a few start/stops. No issues.
  5. TK-421

    Issues with car post WLG2 Campaign software updates and 12v battery

    Dropped mine off this morning for the update. Got a call 15 minutes before closing informing me that the update was taking “longer” than expected and they would update me tomorrow on the status.
  6. TK-421

    What kind of tires on new Taycan?

    I’m also in Florida and my Turbo with Mission E‘s are the same.
  7. TK-421

    Porsche Connect 800 problem

    You must have an account on the Charging America app, with a CC on file in case you go over the 30 minute free charge time or the 10 minute courtesy idle time.
  8. TK-421

    WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    Scheduled for Wednesday. The tech said minimum four hours. They didn’t even have the update downloaded. I just picked it up yesterday from tint and ceramic, and they didn’t have any idea about the update. Called this morning after seeing this thread.
  9. TK-421

    Has it lost the WOW factor?

    I’ve spent considerable time in an R8, my pref is the Taycan, but I’m old, fat and happily married, so your mileage may vary. However, that new 911 Turbo S.......super tough call.
  10. TK-421

    Has it lost the WOW factor?

    If anything the WOW factor has increased for me. I took mine in yesterday for tint and ceramic. Totally miss just having it in the driveway to look at, much less driving it. The price is 25% to high, the Connect app is utter garbage, and Electrify America needs a better response to...
  11. TK-421

    Request: Drag race 4S vs. Turbo

    I’m down if there is a south/central eastern Florida 4s around.
  12. TK-421


    A draft of a Porsche technical service document, or so I’ve been told...
  13. TK-421

    Distance from front bumper to charge port door?

    52” to front edge 59” to rear edge from furthest forward point on the front of the car.
  14. TK-421

    4s vs turbo

    Thanks for that. Neither of my copies has that info.
  15. TK-421

    4s vs turbo

    From which brochure are you getting that 10% figure? The NA printed, as well as the NA digital brochures I have, make no mention of that? Could you post a picture or a link? So many factors go into a side by side comparison of these two cars at the track or on the street. SOC, battery...
  16. TK-421

    4s vs turbo

    Actually....slightly more power up to roughly 60kmh.
  17. TK-421

    4s vs turbo

    I drove 4s and turbo back to back on same loop. I bought the turbo. Wasn’t even a close decision for me. The extra 130+ HP in non launch mode and the extra 90ish in launch mode is a no brainer, for me, especially on a car this heavy. If the S had 130 more HP in regular driving mode over the...
  18. TK-421

    Just took delivery...Need help from forum.

    Place the car in reverse and adjust both mirrors to your preferred position. Place the car in park. From now on, when you choose reverse the mirrors will adjust to the position you chose.