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  1. Off Road Design Package!!!

    I was going back and forth, and ultimately decide NOT to get the package (who knows, I'm not locked in yet, could change my mind like 20 times between now and then). My thoughts were originally wanted the extra 10mm, but then I think at gravel mode, you're at 30mm no matter if you have the...
  2. How can I get a CT4 in SF Bay Area?

    Which dealer did you end up with the allocation? I placed order with Marin Porsche in Mar, and still no allocation date or lock-in. Want to shop around if allocations are available from other local dealers. Didn't get anywhere in Mar with most of the Bay Area dealers. -ThinkMac-
  3. pull the trigger and joined the club.

    Congrats to you too!! My past experience with Porsche was only the Cayenne S and that drove way better than my Q7 TDI and RRS, so I'm hopeful. Since all the evidence from the sedan points to it being a great driver. I'm hoping we don't loose much by adding a longer roof and more headroom in...
  4. Thoughts on the Taycan (long, rambling, possibly non-sensical)

    Rich: I'm on my 2nd RRS, '14 and '19, both V8SC, love JLR exhaust notes, especially the V8SC engines. I'm also on my 2n Model X, '16 and '21 (pre horizontal screen). So I'm both an EV and ICE fan, I think I'll own at least 1 ICE car for at least the foreseeable future. I'm really a big Tesla...
  5. Cross Turismo Order in .. build check?

    I went with Compass for the Chrono package. Also had it in red to match my red interior. The clock doesn't do anything for me, but since the Chrono package comes with the extra protruding thingie on the dash, might as well go with more unique Cross Turismo option. You can't get the Compass on...
  6. TopGear Reviews the Taycan Cross Turismo

    Journalist and car enthusiast loves wagons, but the general US public not so much. I was so happy when Audi brought the RS6 Avant over, been thinking about pulling the trigger on that, and Porsche showed the Cross Turismo. Love at 1st sight. Thinking of RS6 will be my last ICE car, but no...
  7. Cross Turismo availability in US

    Wow. that's a great discount. They were offering only $1500 off for me. :( -ThinkMac-
  8. Why lease a CT 4S over a CT 4?

    For me. 4S is the sweet spot. I feel like any decent branded top end model will do 0-60 under 5 seconds nowadays and all the Tesla EVs will do it as well. I wanted something with a little more oomph. Feels like Turbo and Turbo S is little too much power. Want me CT to be a daily driver, and...
  9. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    Hmm... Re-reading the page. Plan C applies to crossovers that are subject to the gas-guzzler tax. If the gas-guzzler tax does not apply your crossover vehicle—good news—your crossover is a truck. Still hopeful. Need to ask some experts. -ThinkMac-
  10. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    Based on that technicality, the CT will not qualified as a truck. Approach angle is like 12.2 inches. Bummer. -ThinkMac-
  11. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    Wow. I got 2 Model X under 179, but just never thought about the CT (never even bother to look up GVWR). But now that you mentioned it's >6k lbs, it might qualify. I believe IRS considers heavy cross-overs as qualified vehicles. Anybody heard back from their CPA yet? This will be great...
  12. Buyer"s Remorse?

    Speaking of innodrive. Is there hardware differences between ordering from factory vs FoD later on? I thought I read on another thread that factory order has different hardware? Or is this info wrong? and you just need ACC to get Innodrive later as FoD? Thanks. -ThinkMac-
  13. Autogefuhl detailed video on CT

  14. What's the range hit on 21" wheels vs 20"s?

    Still revising my 4S CT order, and the 21" off-road design wheels look really nice. I'm currently sticking to the 20" Turbo design wheels for efficiency sake. Planning on my making my 4S CT future road-trip car. I know on the Teslas, with the 21", it takes a pretty huge hit. Just not sure...
  15. High Gloss Black Inlays for Dolomite Silver CT 4 / 4S?

    I also ordered Dolomite and went with gloss black window trim. gloss black door handles. gloss black side mirror lower. gloss black off-road package. It does bug me that the arches are not gloss black and you can only get them on the Turbo S. Not sure how weird it will be, since the...
  16. About to place my 4S CT Order

    If it's like other manufactures. It's the same hardware, except that the matrix part is programmed to act as 1 unit, until US regulations is approved, then OTA update can change it to act as individual LEDs. I believe Audi does this, so being VAG, I would assume Porsche as well. The US...
  17. DashCam for Taycan?

    How about just an old iPhone or Android device? Most of us will have a few lying around in your household. Just repurpose, now what's a good dash cam app to use is the question I want to know. I used Nexar a couple of times, but want some set it and forget it option. Maybe setup my iPhone in...
  18. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    so I just finished reading the other thread on this fender aero vents. Looks like I'll keep my manual charge port door. Having power is cool but now I see it as an extra piece of electronic that can go wrong. -ThinkMac-
  19. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    How much does the powered charge port effect aero? By having the powered charge port, you fender vents are no longer pass through, correct? and become solid piece of plastic housing. I'm curious as I'm debating whether or not I should get this for my 4S CT order. I would like the side vents...
  20. How trustworthy is Porsche Innodrive with ALK?

    ha. so reading all that, I dropped my InnoDrive option my the 4S CT order. :) Will just do FoD when it's out to play with it. -ThinkMac-