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  1. Gleb

    Door-Sill Guards photos?

    Recent upgrade
  2. Gleb

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    Just did painted mirrors and replaced standard white lettering with a blue one
  3. Gleb

    Rear Diffuser Carbon for 4S

    @SkyBlues I have talked with Porsche body shops and they will able to install it. cost around 4k include details since they need to replace whole black trim plastic attached to the bumper and other details. After a couple of days thinking I decide to ordered sport package with custom paint...
  4. Gleb

    Rear Diffuser Carbon for 4S

    Hey guys, is anyone have experience with upgrade body parts from Turbo to 4S? I want to install Carbon REAR DIFFUSER Spoiler from the turbo. Already find a part number: 9J1807521A and is available for order. I'm not sure if it fit 4S Any thoughts?