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  1. Vim Schrotnock

    Instrument cluster nav map won't stay on 'North Up' setting

    I have the "Map" selected for my center gage in my instrument cluster. Tire pressure on the left, Media on the right. I CANNOT get the Map to startup consistently with 'North Up' selection no matter what I do. I deselect "3D" and select "North Up" and driving the car it is fine. Maybe half...
  2. Vim Schrotnock

    Total Average Range based on Porsche Connect Data

    I may have missed this, but searched and couldn't find a thread where owners are reporting their actual range based on Avg. E-Consumption shown in the Porsche Connect App. I've driven 2103 miles, average speed of 34mph and have an Avg. E-Cons shown in the Porsche Connect App of 2.6mi/kWh...
  3. Vim Schrotnock

    Map Resetting Problem

    I use the middle gage display as as 'Map', and use Waze on my central display. I set Waze and the gage display to both point 'North up'. Every time I restarted the car, the gage map would reset to point in the direction I was headed, as opposed to north. I unchecked the 3D map, and this...
  4. Vim Schrotnock

    Winter Wheels and Tires

    I am really liking the look of the Porsche Techquipment winter wheels. I was hesitant at first, but I love the machined look of the spokes and rim. Also the tread pattern of the winter tires is really cool.
  5. Vim Schrotnock

    Ferrari Encounter

    Returning home this morning on I71 I took the usual lefthand sweeping uphill offramp that I could take in my Panamera GTS comfortably at 80mph. I took it at 90 and realized I could have comfortably gone 5-10mph quicker. The long sweeping left-hander merges into three lanes and a shorter right...
  6. Vim Schrotnock

    AC Converter Failure

    Not a great first experience with my Turbo S. I am in the US with a NEMA 14050 plug and 50A circuit, Porsche Mobile Charger Connect and the Porsche Charging Dock and the dealer had checked out the direct charging with their fast charger. I had driven the car for two days and had about 80 miles...
  7. Vim Schrotnock

    Finally Arrived! Turbo S with Xpel, Ceramic Pro, 20% Tint and remote Escort Max 360 ci

    Waited 2 years, but definitely worth it. Great job with the wrap, coating, tint and remote install. Will post more pics later.
  8. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan Configuration

    OK, I've been a member for some time on this forum, and it has been one of the best sources of information about the upcoming Taycan that I know of. I routinely tell my dealer, who is one of the largest and best in the country, about developments that they are not aware of. I also know that...
  9. Vim Schrotnock

    Lap Times

    The Nurburgring time of the Taycan Turbo was quite frankly a big disappointment for me. 7:42 just doesn't seem right when you have a Ferrari Enzo at 7:25, and the Top Gear most recent test of the Taycan Turbo S had a time of 1:17.6 and the Enzo had 1:19. The top Gear track is quite compact...
  10. Vim Schrotnock

    Opinions on Black vs Yellow Calipers on Turbo S

    Any thoughts on black vs yellow calipers on the Turbo S? The black high gloss finish is a $900 option here in the states, and I've ordered it because I think it looks cleaner and doesn't distract from the lines of the car the way the bright yellow does. Thoughts??
  11. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S Allocations and confirmed production or delivery

    Just interested in how many people IN THE US have an allocation and have been able to custom order their TURBO S and have a production number. I know there have been quite a few spec Turbo S cars sent to the US, and a number have been sold, but I'm not aware of anyone who has ordered and...
  12. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    From the Taycan manual, 80-120kph (Overtaking acceleration) times are 1.7 sec for the Turbo S, 1.9 sec for the Turbo. Evidently the hp difference is not just from a stop. Overtaking acceleration (80–120km/h) (seconds) Turbo S - 1.7, Turbo - 1.9
  13. Vim Schrotnock

    Passenger Screen

    Rumors are that this will not be available until June builds. Any information on this?
  14. Vim Schrotnock

    Lease or Buy?

    My dealer has told me there will be greatly improved technology in the next two years, so I'd be better off with a lease than purchase. I tend to agree that this battery technology will improve significantly in two years, and I don't want to be driving a $250K dinosaur in 3 or 4 years (Yes...
  15. Vim Schrotnock

    Frankfurt Motor Show

    I thought I would tap into this forum's experiences to see if there are any additional opportunities or recommendations for a trip to the Motor Show. I will be heading out there on Sept 16th to check out my new car. I've asked the Porsche manager here to see if there is any 'special' event...
  16. Vim Schrotnock

    How many of us are current Panamera owners?

    I'm very curious to see what percentage of Taycan sales will be to previous Panamera owners. My hunch is this will be the majority of Taycan sales, which would certainly affect how this new car impacts Porsche's bottom line - especially if as rumored, the base Taycan will not be profitable in...