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  1. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    My order for a 4s was also placed the first day it could ordered. Original delivery date was late April, than May 2. Corona hit and delivery was changed to mid June. Once the factory reopened I called PCNA and I was told the car was scheduled to be built the end of May and I would have it mid...
  2. Taycan Order Tracking Via App is Coming Soon Says Porsche

    Interesting. Then why would they show the feature being used on a Phone? Go figure.
  3. Taycan Order Tracking Via App is Coming Soon Says Porsche

    I have the App and it shows my existing Panamera and it's VIN number and features. As to tracking any other vehicle, whether it be a 911 or a Taycan, I cannot find the feature on the App and I am running the latest version. There is a section to add another vehicle where a VIN number can be...
  4. Taycan and Wifi

    If it is like my Panamera you need to turn off the internal SIM card for it to work. In the menu look for telephones, generally the PCM telephone. Turn off. Then you will be able to search for the external hot spot and connect.
  5. COVID19 Deals?

    My deposit was $2,500.
  6. COVID19 Deals?

    Later. The car was originally due May 2.
  7. COVID19 Deals?

    My dealer contacted me out of the blue yesterday to advise me of the status of my car and that the ETA was now July 25. In response I advised him that I was concerned about the economy, thinking about a 21 since delivery was so late and possibly cancelling. However, since I am a long time...
  8. Taycan 4s April delivery

    I spoke to PCNA today. I was advised my car is scheduled for completion on May 15 and to arrive at the dealer on July 24. The car was originally scheduled for delivery May 2. I highly doubt these dates will stay the same.
  9. Taycan 4S being sold in Southern California

    I was looking at the inventories of some local dealerships and it turns out that two dealers, Santa Clarita Porsche and Rusnak Porsche show that they have 4S‘s in their inventory for sale. The cars do not show an EPA rating but they are listed for sale (sales by appointment only). I didn’t...
  10. VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    If anyone is in the Los Angeles area, I took my Panamera in for service yesterday and Downtown LA Porsche has a Volcano Grey Turbo sitting in front of the dealership ready for sale. According to the service representative it has been there for about a week--he believes it was a special order...
  11. Limited Edition Taycan metal design sketch for depositors!

    Got mine today too! Would rather have the real thing:):)
  12. MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    Add Porsche Woodland Hills to the list of no mark up over MSRP for my 4S. They have had my $2,500 deposit for at least 14 months and have never asked for any additional money. The car as of last week is now due at the dealer the second week of June. Delayed from the beginning of May.
  13. Taycan 4s April delivery

    Just heard from my dealer. Delivery delayed from May 22 to June 12. Hopefully no additional delays.
  14. Taycan 4s April delivery

    My dealer finally provided me dates. It looks like I am looking at a late May delivery. V200 -Delivery date determined-01/17/2020 V250-Vehicle fixed-02/14/2020 02/21/2020-V260-Vehicle entry to body shop V270-Vehicle exit production-03/13/2020 V300-03/202020-Vehicle completion...
  15. Taycan 4s April delivery

    My dealer would not give me specific dates. He has simply told me the car goes into lock status late January with a March build. I am in California so I anticipate a May or June delivery.
  16. Forum member test drives

    Drove a white turbo yesterday for about 10 minutes. I currently drive a 2018 Panamera and, as others have said, even though the Taycan is only 4 inches shorter, it felt considerably smaller. In terms of drive, it felt very much like a sophisticated 911. People have mentioned the brakes. I...
  17. US allocations ?

    I was number 11 on the list. I have no idea if the first 10 declined to order or not-is it relevant? The bottom line is I have the ability to order a car.
  18. US allocations ?

    My dealer just called me. A space opened up for a February build. Based on we has said, the car should be at the dealership sometime late April. I am going to finalize the build tomorrow. FYI, the car will be sold at MSRP. No discount. He indicated that the owner of the dealer wanted to...
  19. 8 - 10 Weeks delay

    I was at the LA Auto Show this morning for the Porsche Club of America preview event. I had a chance to speak to the head of R&D for the Taycan and I specifically asked him about the delay in deliveries. He said he was not aware of any delays and said it may be an area by area issue. Further...