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  1. Rekool3

    Rare spotting in the U.K. (considering dealers are still closed!) - looks fresh off the transporter

    So Cal has plenty of towns that do the same. Santa Barbara, Manhattan Beach, Del Mar just to name a few. Personally I've never drilled a hole in a Porsche to display a plate; never will. I use a tow hook plate holder to "prove correction", then go home and remove it, and await the next time...
  2. Rekool3

    Rattle/vibration from upper door

    Don't pull anything apart! The kind of thing Porsche will fix, for sure, as they should. They don't want stories of rattles and buzzes from their super silent car floating around.
  3. Rekool3

    New taycan 40 thousand questions

    This is a cable for the Taycan provided by Porsche. My sales rep tossed it to me one day, so I have not looked at pricing or availability. It is heavy duty (well made) and is a permanent fixture in my Taycan. It comes in the cool little box, is a USB-C cable with built in adapters for iPhone...
  4. Rekool3

    Electrify America to switch to a pay by kWh charging model

    Gregg, the app Porsche told me to get is called Charging America (downloaded from the App Store). It will activate the Electrify America chargers and Porsche will cover the first 30 minutes of the session. The remainder of the cost (if you roll on past 30 min) will be billed to your My Porsche...
  5. Rekool3

    New Porsche Owner needs help with Homelink

    Thanks for posting this!! Just got it to work after resigning myself to carrying the remote in the car. I went ahead and passed it along to my sales rep, as he too hadn't figured it out yet. And on we go.... Cheers
  6. Rekool3

    Electrify America to switch to a pay by kWh charging model

    When I first started charging at Electrify America in January, Porsche had their 30 min. free deal offered, but the Porsche App to facilitate connecting to EA wasn't yet working. I simply paid cash and kept track of each charge session. I put them all on a spreadsheet and have turned it in to my...
  7. Rekool3

    Panoramic roof - benefit you driver

    If all you get is the glass roof and end up hating it, you could always darken it with window tint film. The options are wide. Personally I didn’t expect to like it, but ended up having no problem with it at all. It’s well tinted, reflects heat very well, and let’s in light. It is (like all...
  8. Rekool3

    Has anyone outside of the East Coast received their 4S yet? I'm Pissed (not COVID-19 related).

    (West Coast), my local dealership received their first 4S on Monday. It is a customer ordered car. First one they've seen. They've sold their demo Turbo they got in December, have one more customer Turbo in the "back" awaiting delivery. Mine was their first and only (so far) Turbo S from right...
  9. Rekool3

    How can we help Porsche to improve?

    Thank you for the diligence and hard work that went into your presentation. It is truly wonderful, and I can only hope that it plants a seed at Porsche AG. I encourage everyone to pass this along to the dealerships and sales reps you have worked with. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they...
  10. Rekool3

    Mid-corona update: my Turbo S is coming! [Update: now delivered!!]

    Interesting fact about doing bodywork on the Taycan... Porsche has to disconnect the 800V system, then of course re-connect it and then re-calibrate the rear sensors (in your case). That runs close to $4K here. Eventually the insurance companies will become aware of these (not usual) costs and...
  11. Rekool3

    Mid-corona update: my Turbo S is coming! [Update: now delivered!!]

    I hope when you rise Sunday morning that you focus on the fun you had before the crash. How many miles did you manage before this happened? Hopefully a whole tide you over until it's back. I have real empathy for how that feels. Sometime I'll tell the tale of my own misadventure in my...
  12. Rekool3

    Mid-corona update: my Turbo S is coming! [Update: now delivered!!]

    Oh NO! I'm so sorry to hear that. What a horrible experience to have on your first day. (Your loaner car is nice. I have both, so I know just how nice.) Keep us posted on the repair, and know that this too will become a distant memory (and a good story).
  13. Rekool3

    Mid-corona update: my Turbo S is coming! [Update: now delivered!!]

    Well, try and get some sleep tonight. You will want to be your best for tomorrow! The weather forecast good? Rain all week here....maybe sunny tomorrow :sun: Home all week, social-distancing. Need to go for a drive... Can't wait to hear all about it!! :cool:
  14. Rekool3

    Mid-corona update: my Turbo S is coming! [Update: now delivered!!]

    OMG one more night! You ready? Plans for a big drive all set? ...we're going to need lots of pics. Have the best day ever!
  15. Rekool3

    What tires are on your Taycan?

    My U.S. Turbo S has Continental ProContact RX
  16. Rekool3

    Porsche Taycan Turbo S the quirks and all - Nick Murray

    Sorry, a bit slow on the uptake. I drive in normal mode quite a bit so I have no issues with the dropping into 1st gear at slow speeds. I have only rarely noticed it. I drive my 911 with it in manual shift mode and use 1st gear routinely, so no big deal for me. Getting in and out of the Taycan...
  17. Rekool3

    Mid-corona update: my Turbo S is coming! [Update: now delivered!!]

    Congratulations Dee!! What a beautiful build! Oh... are you going to love that car!! I've been in mine since December and words can't describe what an incredible ride this thing is! Enjoy and enjoy some more!! We can't wait to hear all about it once it's in your hands. Feel free to elaborate...
  18. Rekool3

    Software Update at the Porsche Center

    As beautifully as this car performs, I'm in no hurry to get it updated. The dealership has only the Service Dept. working, and with a skeleton crew at that. Plenty of time to attend to updates once we come out of this pandemic insanity. Think I'll just drive, and love it as is.
  19. Rekool3

    Clear Side Markers

    There is a single screw behind the light. It's a Torx T15, you'll have to turn the wheel to get room, but its fairly easy. Once the screw is out the light slides back and out just enough to get a finger in to release the electrical plug. Install is the reverse. Little tough to get a finger...
  20. Rekool3

    Clear Side Markers

    Perfect timing, about to die of boredom, UPS drops off the Clear Fender Markers!! At last something (else) to do all by myself! Easy to do really, just the one screw. This is coming together! Ceramic window tint on Tuesday, medium, not too dark, and now the clear fender marker lights!