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  1. Satin Volcano Grey Taycan Turbo S (wrapped in Xpel Stealth)

    Awesome, I have a Black 4S on order, I will have to look into doing that. Satin was a great choice. Thanks for being a tester for the rest of us!
  2. Ground clearance on Taycan 4S?

    Does anyone know the ground clearance of the 4S? Assuming normal rise height, not in a raised suspension mode.
  3. New Porsche Owner needs help with Homelink

    Try looking for the learn button or program button on your garage door. Most US rolling code systems have a security feature that requires the button on the actual garage unit (or gate unit) to be pressed once followed quickly thereafter by the newly taught remote to grant the new remote...
  4. BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    Tye, What interior is on the Jet black you show outside? Is that the Limestone Beige? Which leather?