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  1. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    That’s great news. Ahead of schedule! Thanks for the update. Hoping for a delivery the first week of June. After so many delays I’m not going to celebrate until it’s actually in my garage but the outlook is much better than 2 weeks ago.
  2. Satin Volcano Grey Taycan Turbo S (wrapped in Xpel Stealth)

    That looks great. Super helpful as I have been debating front end PPF with ceramic over everything vs. xpel stealth on the whole car. Can I ask where in Chicago you had it done? That's a great price for the whole car.
  3. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    It looks like the Viking queen is underway. Leaving Emden and heading to Norway. The Goodwood is finally moving and on its way into Emden. Hopefully heading to North America in a couple of days.
  4. Waiting...waiting....waiting

    I hear you. I’m in the same situation. Original lock date was in November and still no car. February turned to March then May and now I’m hoping for June. I have been told my ship will be the goodwood leaving Emden May 7th. Excited to see some potential movement but I’ve learned not to get to...
  5. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    It came from PCNA. That being said they still have my delivery date listed as May 1. They know that can’t happen but it hasn’t updated yet. The news of a shipping date is updated though as before it was just sitting at the port with no info beyond that.
  6. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    Some movement starting at the port. Got an update that my car is scheduled to be on a ship by Friday. Tentatively of course, but at least we have some movement.
  7. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    Anyone have any idea when they start shipping again? My car has just been sitting at the Emden port apparently. Going on a month now. Neither the dealer nor Porsche USA had any update.
  8. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I’ve owned 2 McLarens and never had a single problem. Their reputation is definitely soured by a vocal internet minority. Best driving cars I’ve ever been in. They are definitely not a daily driver like a 911 could be but every drive is an experience. I had a 991 turbo that I loved. Never...
  9. 'Standard' leather vs. Olea leather?

    I was told that it is a higher quality of leather to start with as well as a different process. Supposedly it is less likely to have any blemishes as well. I’m not sure how much that really matters as I have never noticed a blemish on a car interior before. I chose it anyway but have no idea if...
  10. When can you get your VIN?

    You get your VIN once the car is completed. Your dealer can get it for you then.
  11. COVID19 Deals?

    When ordered cars are incoming they get listed on the dealer site. Does not mean they are for sale.
  12. Clear Side Markers

    They look great! Got mine today. Did they come with instructions? Mine did not. It was very easy on the 911 but the suncoast video was still helpful and there weren’t any screws on those. I didn’t see anything on their site for the Taycan yet.
  13. Clear Side Markers

    Awesome! Thanks for the update. Ordered. Will be ready to swap right away when my car arrives.
  14. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Beautiful spec. How do you like the Neodyme accents with the silver exterior? Dolomite was my original color choice. Everyone that had seen the neodyme in person was raving about. In the end I went with that but switched to volcano grey exterior. It would have helped to see the combo in person.
  15. Clear Side Markers

    Hopefully Suncoast will have them. They do for the 911. I ordered them from them for my 991. Just checked their website and don’t see them for the Taycan yet.
  16. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Not sure any dates will stick. Turbo allocation entered the body shop on schedule in mid January. Estimated completion of 1/24. On 1/24 I checked in and it had pushed to 2/7. Now that date has come around I checked in again and it again pushed to 3/6. No details or reasons given to the dealer...
  17. Resale value, 4S vs Turbo?

    For most cars you retain the best resale value on the base price of the car and options depreciate significantly. There are some exceptions with “must have” options but in general that is the case. My experience with Porsche definitely bears that out. A highly optioned 4S will suffer more than a...
  18. Silver or Black window trims with Volcano - which do you prefer?

    I went with black and model designation in black as well. I’m rarely a fan of silver / chrome accents but it looks pretty good with the volcano in that pic above.
  19. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    My turbo was supposed to have been completed today. Now it’s 2/7. My other dates were unchanged until today. Not much of a delay but was hoping it was on track since it entered the body shop on schedule.
  20. A few photos with new Taycan Winter Wheels. I’m comparing the price of the unpainted wheels on the OP car which are great and the wheels in high gloss black. Same wheel just different paint. Really expensive paint.