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  1. Fitzban

    Taycan 4S Review: Autoblog Easily Gets 300 Miles Range in First Drive

    According to the Porsche Good to Know app, launch control is available in Sport mode, which means you don't need the Chrono package.
  2. Fitzban

    Three seat belts in rear

    Correct. The 3 separate sections can individually fold down.
  3. Fitzban

    4S options - what have you picked?

    Among this list, I have the Real-Axle Steering on my build. I'm expecting to make use of the rear steering for parking and driving around the city.
  4. Fitzban

    Taycan "Magic" Frunk

    According to the "Good to Know" app, with ComfortAccess enabled, what the guy showed is real.
  5. Fitzban

    Radar / Laser Detectors with Sound Thermally Insulated Glass

    I'm looking into Radenso's new Theia system. Hopefully they'll also offer a custom install option as well.
  6. Fitzban

    [Nextmove] Taycan 4S vs Model S Raven range comparison at 75 mph

    Another video showing Taycan beating EPA ratings even in cold and windy weather conditions.
  7. Fitzban

    E Sound?

    Check out this video which captured the noise Taycan makes at low speed existing a parking area.
  8. Fitzban

    Taycan Battery Depletion and Regenerative Braking

    The SOC gauge will go down to 0. As far as the car giving you warning and going into "limp" mode, looking at the Owner's Manual, which can be downloaded at this thread, on page 130, it shows that there's a warning symbol of a turtle to alert the driver that the vehicle is now in restricted...
  9. Fitzban

    My Taycan 4S delivered in Germany

    @TC Fan you probably want to double check the weather temperature that the other reviewers were driving in. Henrik drove at near freezing, which usually means about 30% less battery power when compared to driving in something like 70F / 20C. So realistically, when Taycan is driven in warmer...
  10. Fitzban

    Auto recuperation mode requires ACC?

    Looking at the Porsche Good to Know app, you can manually set the recuperation to "auto" through the menus, without needing to have ACC active.
  11. Fitzban

    Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    @louv How is the surround view camera in the rain / snow? On the day I was test driving, it was raining hard. I felt the rain drops distorted the view enough for me to feel uncomfortable in trusting just how close I was getting to things, based just on using the camera.
  12. Fitzban

    Taycan information direct from Zuffenhausen plant tour

    This is great to see. Hopefully other ev charging companies start building similar setup. I've always wondered why Electrify America and Ionity stations don't have solar panels as roofs over the charging stations. Even the traditional gas stations have roof covers so people aren't drenched in...
  13. Fitzban

    Where is the spare tire in the taycan? Is it a full size tire?

    There's a tire sealant repair kit in the front trunk. From the Good to Know app.
  14. Fitzban

    LED Matrix Headlights?

    If you pick the Premium Package option here in the US, you already have PDLS+. So, the only difference is the Glacier Blue that makes the headlight housing and the Porsche lettering in the back look glacier blue versus standard clear (white) color.
  15. Fitzban

    Which Colors ?

    My own decision making for going metallic white versus solid white came down to the following: How many years do I plan to keep the car? Do I plan to regularly keep the car waxed? For myself, I plan to keep the Taycan for many years, so I wanted a paint color that still looks "shiny" after...
  16. Fitzban

    Is Your Dealer Showing You The Love?

    :camera: Here you go :)
  17. Fitzban

    Clear protection film (PPF) on the Taycan?

    To me PPF is about protecting the paint from rock chips. Of the 20+ years of driving a car, it is super rare that my car got a rock chip or a scratch that I would have benefited from PPF. I had more car dings and accidents, which PPF doesn't protect from. I look at ceramic coating as helping...
  18. Fitzban

    Clear protection film (PPF) on the Taycan?

    So far, I'm thinking Yay for ceramic coating and Nay for PPF.
  19. Fitzban

    InsideEVs Tom Moloughney picks Taycan as best EV

    Tom also mentions @louv trip in the video :like: