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  1. atebit

    Weird view

    FoD subscription option coming soon to set isEnabled = TRUE. Consumption model FTW! :like:
  2. atebit

    When do the puddle lights switch on?

    Maybe the puddle features should be uncoupled from “Exterior Lighting” and fall under a new category “Approach Illumination” or something like that?
  3. atebit

    Ok - I'm too stupid - how to delete charging timer and charging profile in PCM?

    I actually had to Google to find a YouTube video on how to delete my cell phone that I had added during my first test drive (to check out CarPlay, etc). Maybe Porsche will add delete buttons via FoD subscription in the future.
  4. atebit

    TeslaTap Mini Adapter feedback?

    IIRC the Gen 3 HPWC is the version Tesla is promoting for its Destination Charging program. As such, my guess is they want to give operators the option of only allowing Teslas to use them, vs any LEAF or Volt “off the street” that may find them. But that’s just a guess.
  5. atebit

    Rattle in doors when driving

    LOL, yet another use for Porsche Tequipment closed-cell foam!
  6. atebit

    Phone charger slides when braking

    Porsche Tequipment Closed-Cell Foam?
  7. atebit

    When do the puddle lights switch on?

    Is that a bug or a feature? If the latter, any idea why the intensity level is a factor? If anything I would expect them to come on if set to anything but low.
  8. atebit

    When do the puddle lights switch on?

    IMHO it would be nice if the puddle & interior lights illuminated on approach. Or at least make it a configurable option.
  9. atebit

    Is it just me, or did your Taycan come with an unrequested, always-on tracking device called StarGard?’re banned from Twitter & lose your Prime privileges.
  10. atebit

    How to get Wireless CarPlay working?

    Your phone maybe could be wedged, too...if all else fails try resetting* (vol up/vol down, hold power button on newer phones) then try the procedure again. This will often fix problems for me where “the phone should just work”, but inexplicably doesn’t. *Note - NOT a factory reset :)
  11. atebit

    Where is the cabin air filter?

    My finance guy offered that I could pre-pay the 2d service for $700 up front, considering they “didn’t know” what it entailed yet and that it could be “really expensive” Believing I knew better, I declined. Unless I need brakes at that point (unlikely and probably not included anyway) that’s an...
  12. atebit

    What are the Must Have Options

    My deal breakers (deciding to buy off the rack) were PremiumPackage w/14 way seats, adaptive cruise & power mirrors. Power charge port cover was highly desired (I got it), as was performance battery (didn’t get it). AdaptiveCruise is the “gateway option” to other FoD driver assistance features...
  13. atebit

    Taycan 4S Spoiler Deployed Speed

    I’ve seen deployed spoilers that ICE drivers wouldn’t believe.
  14. atebit

    Anyone with FOD activation issues?

    My FoD issue was around the fact that my dealer had failed to properly do their end of the registration process during delivery. Those features appeared in MyPorsche as “Available After Delivery” a week after taking possession of the car. A few phone calls to the dealer later they finally fixed...
  15. atebit

    Is it just me, or did your Taycan come with an unrequested, always-on tracking device called StarGard?

    If it’s not on your Monroney sticker, you shouldn’t have to pay for it if you don’t want it. $1K buys a lot of kWh. You should contact your state AG and inform them of this unfair & deceptive business practice.
  16. atebit

    TeslaTap Mini Adapter feedback?

    80A TT Mini + 19.2kW on-board charger + 80A Tesla HPWC FTW! That Mini is habitually attached, but I’m thinking about getting another 60A version to keep in the car for Destination Chargers of opportunity.
  17. atebit

    B-Pillar Protection

    My Ceramic Pro installer likes to remind me that the coating’s biggest enemy is abrasion. So if that’s true it may wear off pretty quickly if you get in/out of your car the same way that I do. :)
  18. atebit

    Porsche Please Listen the Customers and change……

    This. By far, my biggest gripe to date.
  19. atebit

    Live in Chicago, Ordered from Dealer in Philly...Roadtrip?

    Could you share the name of the dealer? I might be nearby...
  20. atebit

    Dear Porsche... (A suggestion to improve the scrolling challenge)

    Porsche will probably claim that putting a UI where your eyes may spend a long time “down low” like that is a safety issue. Or, they’ll do it but disable it while the car is moving. Your choice.:rolleyes: